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Welcome to my site updates! Here you will find all the new updates such as new pages, revamped pages, and page updates. I hope this page is useful for my regular visitors. Enjoy your visit!

Updated Military Romance 8/7/05
Vampire Romance updated 8/7/05
NEW Fave author page 6/9/05
Wolf Romance Updated 5/22/05
NEW Page for Beth 4/25/05
Updated Foreign Heroes page 4/24/05
Scottish Romance Updated 4/16/05
Updated Fave author page 4/8/05
New Hot Hunks 4/3/05
Louisiana Lovin' updated 3/21/05
NEW Shelley Bradley page 2/26/05
New Furturistics Page 2/18/05
New Erotic Romance Page 2/13/05
Updated Fave Movies page 2/9/05
Lynne Graham page updated 2/2/05
Valentine Page 1/29/05