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The Fallen Angels....
Three men brought together by fate, held together by blood, their lives forever changed by the twisted hungers of a single woman. They exist in shadows, forced to accept a dark gift they never sought, a consuming need they never imagined. Damned to wander eternally, they battle enemies both human and demon alike searching for the things they crave the most.

Rafe Fahlan is the dark warrior of the Fallen Angels. He has been emotionally wounded since childhood and the betrayals he has endured since his manhood has only strengthened the bitterness in his heart and soul. For two centuries he has been a vampire, turned against his will by a sadistic woman he longs to make pay for what he has become. Revenge is what he seeks to satisfy his soul. Revenge is what feeds Rafe's heart!

Montgomery Sinclair is hired as the security specialist for a French Quarter nightclub owned by Rafe and Michael. Montgomery has known much pain and betrayal in her own life as well and had resolved herself to a life without love but as soon as she meets her dark, handsome and sexy boss, her heart directs her life down a different path. The intensely passionate battle between Rafe and Montgomery is unexpected but both are powerless against each other.

Fallen Angels/ Rafe's Heart is outrageously intriguing, chilling, and captivating!! All the characters...the three Fallen Angel hunks will make you swoon...are introduced in this first book but the main relationship between Rafe and Montgomery is highly fantastic. What else can I say about this story? It's much more than you have come to expect in vampire romance. Passions are intense, from the sexual appetites, to the blood lust that rules the characters. This awesome debut novel, by a very talented writer, already has me longing to read more. I hope Cindy Gengler is steadily writing the next book in this saga even as we speak!

Be sure to check out the author's website for the "Fallen Angels" storyline and an indepth look into all the characters involved in this intriguing saga. Cindy Gengler



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