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Welcome to my new page devoted to not only Contemporary Romance but to those gorgeous and sexy heroes that make us enjoy the books so much. As a woman I can not help falling for the heroes, and when they are extra special...I fall hard! What type heroes are my fave? All of them, athletes, cops, undercover agents, military men, and so many more...they are why women LOVE these books so very much. On this page I would like to share some of the contemporary romances I have read recently. These are just a few to launch the page but I will be adding more titles very soon.

In honor of these fantastic heroes, I wanted a special man to spice up the page and I found him! I would like to thank Jimmy Thomas for his permission allowing me the use of his photos on this page. Isn't he gorgeous? If you would like to see more of his photos then visit his website for the ultimate photo gallery experience. He is looking to break into the romance cover model business and I wish him much luck in his endeavors.

Visit Jimmy Thomas' awesome website!

Deirdre Martin
Jove Mar '03
323 pages

I just finished another great contemporary with a fantastic hero. Ty Gallagher is team captain for pro-hockey Stanley Cup winners, the New York Blades. Determined to win the Cup a second consecutive year, Ty adheres to a strict personal rule he has set for himself, not to become involved in a serious relationship with a woman while he is in the Playoffs. Janna MacNeil is the team's publicist and Ty's casual lover. Ty's goal to win the Cup above all else collides with Janna's own hardened determination to not only do her job but to win the love of this sexy and stubborn jock. Wow...this is a full blown awesome read! BODY CHECK is a FANTASTIC debut and has further increased my interest in this rugged manly sport!

Rachel Gibson
Avon Feb '03
363 pages

I loved the hero in this fantastic book! Luc Martineau is a professional hockey player for the Seattle Chinooks. He is the legendary goalie for the team and is extremely sexy. And I loved his tattoo! I know, and understand, the premise of this book is based on the heroine's role as the journalist that is assigned to travel with the team on the road, but I found myself totally entranced with the hero. I have never read a book in the past based on this particular sport and now it definitely will not be the last. I enjoyed every minute of it! Warning....the sexual content is potent!!

Mr Perfect
Linda Howard
Pocket June '01
405 pages

MR PERFECT is another fantastic book! Originally I did not plan to read this book because I had heard about the murder aspect but then a friend talked me into reading it and I am SO glad she did. The story is about four women that are friends and every Friday evening they get together for a girl's night out. One night, just for fun, they make a list of what qualities they required for Mr Perfect. But things turn deadly when the media gets a hold of their list and one of the women is murdered. That part of the book was sad but as a whole this book is one of the best I have ever read. The hero in this book is a vice cop and he is SUPER SEXY!!! And there are some very satisfying sex scenes in this in particular comes to mind of when the heroine is on the phone. MERCY!! If you have not read it yet do yourself a favor and read it!!

Cherry Adair
Ivy Books Aug '02
309 pages

Cherry Adair is definitely one of my auto buy authors. This book is the third book in a continuing series that started with KISS AND TELL in ' was the story of Marnie Wright and she has four gorgeous brothers. After Marnie's story came HIDE AND SEEK, and then IN TOO DEEP which is Michael Wright's story. He is an ex Navy SEAL who is out for revenge against the man that ruined his military career. The heroine is that man's daughter and Michael sets his plan of revenge into action but when the boat Tally Cruise is on blows up Michael rescues her and the action does not stop. IN TOO DEEP was exciting and fantastic!

Jane Graves
Ivy Aug '01
318 pages

This was a wonderful book that I was glued too from beginning to end. The heroine is framed for a crime she did not commit and after fleeing the law she is captured by a bounty hunter. But she out smarts him and candidly propositions John DeMarco in a diner, not knowing he is a cop on leave. The hero and heroine's instant attraction heats up the pages and the heroine's antics are amusing. I loved Jane Graves' style so much I bought the sequel WILD AT HEART. It is the story of the hero's (from IGY,B) brother. Look for Alex's story to be featured here soon!

Lori Foster
Jove Jan '02
295 pages

This book is accurately is a wild sexy romp! I read the Winston's brothers previously and have to say Zane Winston is my fave brother of them all in his own longer-length story, WILD. Lori Foster packs a punch with this sizzling story! The hero is very sexy and the heroine is zany and exotic...their attraction steams the pages. Now, I am eagerly awaiting the sequel coming in Aug '03 SAY NO TO JOE.