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Sonnet June '02
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According to the feedback I have received from fans the booklist pages have always been a favorite part of the site. The titles listed on this page are books that I have in my collection. The titles that are underlined indicate books I have read. ZB are Zebra Ballads and HH are Harlequin Historicals. I also have pages that list the Precious Gems and series books so take a look at those if you like. If you know of any titles not on my list please feel free to email me as I may need to add them to my wish list. Happy reading!

The background for this page was created from THE BLUE VIKING by Sandra Hill....a fantastic book! And the cover artist is the very talented John Ennis.

list updated


Kiss & Tell-Cherry Adair
Out of Sight-Cherry Adair
Believe-Victoria Alexander
The Emperor's New Clothes-Victoria Alexander
The Husband List-Victoria Alexander
The Marriage Lesson-Victoria Alexander
The Prince's Bride-Victoria Alexander
Arms of a Stranger-Danice Allen
Silver & Steel-Susan Amarillas (HH)
Cherish-Catherine Anderson
Keegan's Lady-Catherine Anderson
A Matter of Convenience-Gabriella Anderson (ZB)
Knave of Hearts-Shari Anton (HH)
Velvet Bond-Catherine Archer (HH)
Velvet Touch-Catherine Archer (HH)
Spell Weaver-Roxi Ashe
Winter Garden-Adele Ashworth
Canyon Song-Gwyneth Atlee
Touched By Fire-Gwyneth Atlee
Far Star-Anne Avery
The Lawman takes a Wife-Anne Avery (HH)
The Highwayman's Daughter-Anne Avery
Lone Rider-Lauren Bach
Magic By Daylight-Lynn Bailey
Apache Flame-Madeline Baker
Apache Runaway-Madeline Baker
Hawk's Woman-Madeline Baker
Lakota Love Song-Madeline Baker
Lakota Renegade-Madeline Baker
Reckless Embrace-Madeline Baker
The Angel & The Outlaw-Madeline Baker
Under a Prairie Moon-Madeline Baker
Wolf Shadow-Madeline Baker
An Original Sin-Nina Bangs
Chastity-Elaine Barbieri
Hawk-Elaine Barbieri
To Meet Again-Elaine Barbieri
The Wild One-Elaine Barbieri
Lion's Legacy-Suzanne Barclay (HH)
Wonderful-Jill Barnett
Unearthed-CJ Barry
Unleashed-CJ Barry
His Noble Promise-Adrienne Basso
Intimate Betrayal-Adrienne Basso
Hearts of the Storm-Rexanne Becnel
The Maiden Bride-Rexanne Becnel
One Lucky Lord-Kim Bennet
Kissing the Bride-Sara Bennett
Renaissance Man-Diane Bernard
The Prize-Martine Berne
Hannah's Half Breed-Heidi Betts
Walker's Widow-Heidi Betts
Lord of Midnight-Jo Beverly
Frost Flower-Sonya Birmingham
Scarlet Leaves-Sonya Birmingham
Song of the Lark-Sonya Birmingham
The Brightest Flame-Sonya Birmingham
Savage Destiny, Eagle's Song-Rosanne Bittner
Texas Passions-Rosanne Bittner
Enticed-Sara Blayne
Once Upon a Pirate-Nancy Block
The Savage-Parris Afton Bonds
Brazen Angel-Elizabeth Boyle
Brazen Heiress-Elizabeth Boyle
One Night of Passion-Elizabeth Boyle
One Wicked Night-Shelley Bradley
Sweet Sorcery-Emily Bradshaw
Lady of Gold-Paige Brantley
The Norman's Bride-Terri Brisbin (HH)
Enchanted by your Kisses-Pamela Britton
The Defiant Hero-Suzanne Brockmann
My Dearest Enemy-Connie Brockway
Texas Pleasure-Betty Brooks
The Wayward Heart-Betty Brooks
Warrior's Destiny-Betty Brooks
A Rogue's Heart-Debra Lee Brown (HH)
Highland Hearts-Virginia Brown
Racing to Ruin-Stacy Brown
Ring of Fire-Cinnamon Burke
Lady of the Night-Cordia Byers
Of Midnight Born-Lisa Cach
The Mermaid of Penperro-Lisa Cach
The Wildest Shore-Lisa Cach
Moonlight Rhapsody-Nancy Cane
Starlight Child-Nancy Cane
My Forever Love-Marsha Canham
Swept Away-Marsha Canham
The Last Arrow-Marsha Canham
Highland Flame-Joyce Carlow
So Speaks the Heart-Joyce Carlow
A Woman's Touch-Bernadette Carr
Maiden Court-Laura Cassidy (HH)
Stealing Heaven-Kimberly Cates
Elusive Lovers-Elizabeth Chadwick
Always a Princess-Alice Chambers
The Bride Quilt-Pamela Quint Chambers
The Gentleman Caller-Megan Chance
Miracle of Love-Victoria Chancellor
Charming the Highlander-Janet Chapman
Heart of Deception-Taylor Chase
The Runaway Bride-Sandra Chastain
A Cajun Dream-Cherie Claire
Entranced-Marion Clarke
Jaguar Eyes-Casey Claybourne
Queen of the May-Denee Cody
The Court of Love-Denee Cody
Someone Like You-Elaine Coffman
Time Heals-Susan Collier
Beloved Legacy-Phoebe Conn
Follow the Moon-Linda Cook
Man's Best Friend-Nina Coombs
Prince of Hearts-Katy Cooper (HH)
Marrying Walker McCay-Lori Copeland
Lord Savage-Patricia Coughlin
Fire Song-Catherine Coulter
The Edge-Catherine Coulter
A Gambler's Magic-Emma Craig
Cooking Up Trouble-Emma Craig
Enchanted Christmas-Emma Craig
Rosamunda's Revenge-Emma Craig
Kissed-Tanya Anne Crosby
Lyon's Gift-Tanya Anne Crosby
Perfect in my Sight-Tanya Anne Crosby
The Marriage Bed-Claudia Dain
A Timeless Moment-Annette Daniels
The Tiger's Mistress-Andrea DaRif
My Outlaw-Rachel Davis
Simmer All Night-Geralyn Dawson
The Bad Luck Wedding Dress-Geralyn Dawson
Prince of Thieves-Saranne Dawson
Secrets of the Wolf-Saranne Dawson
Star-Crossed-Saranne Dawson
Starlight, Starbright-Saranne Dawson
Enraptured-Katherine Deauxville
Destiny's Warrior-Kit Dee
The Courtship-Anna DeForest
The Heiress-Claire Delacroix
The Magician's Quest-Claire Delacroix (HH)
Ride the Fire-Pamela Clare
Comanche Flame-Genell Dellin
All I Desire-Thea Devine
Beyond Forever-Debra Dier
MacKenzie's Magic-Debra Dier
Scoundrel-Debra Dier
A Well Pleasured Lady-Christina Dodd
The Greatest Lover in all of England-Christina Dodd
No Surrender-Nikki Donovan
My Seaswept Heart-Christine Dorsey
My Lady Pirate-Elizabeth Doyle
No Other Man-Shannon Drake
The King's Pleasure-Shannon Drake
Blaze of Desire-Kathleen Drymon
Legend of Desire-Kathleen Drymon
Precious Amber-Kathleen Drymon
Time's Angel-Kathleen Drymon
Flames of Rapture-Lark Eden
Bold Wolf-Cassie Edwards
Enchanted Enemy-Cassie Edwards
Lone Eagle-Cassie Edwards
Savage Bliss-Cassie Edwards
Savage Courage-Cassie Edwards
Savage Dance-Cassie Edwards
Savage Devotion-Cassie Edwards
Savage Dream-Cassie Edwards
Savage Eden-Cassie Edwards
Savage Grace-Cassie Edwards
Savage Fires-Cassie Edwards
Savage Heat-Cassie Edwards
Savage Hope-Cassie Edwards
Savage Joy-Cassie Edwards
Savage Longings-Cassie Edwards
Savage Love-Cassie Edwards
Savage Passions-Cassie Edwards
Savage Pride-Cassie Edwards
Savage Secrets-Cassie Edwards
Savage Shadows-Cassie Edwards
Savage Splendor-Cassie Edwards
Savage Spirit-Cassie Edwards
Savage Thunder-Cassie Edwards
Savage Trust-Cassie Edwards
Savage Wonder-Cassie Edwards
Silver Wing-Cassie Edwards
Sun Hawk-Cassie Edwards
Wind Walker-Cassie Edwards
Heaven Sent-Marian Edwards
White Dawn-Susan Edwards
White Dreams-Susan Edwards
White Dusk-Susan Edwards
'Til the End of Time-Suzanne Elizabeth
Reforming A Rake-Suzanne Enoch
Merlin's Legacy Dawn of Camelot-Quinn Taylor Evans
Sweet Violet-Corinne Everett (ZB)
Fire Dancer-Colleen Faulkner
Dark Challenge-Christine Feehan
Ride the Night Wind-Jo Ann Ferguson
Wake Not the Dragon-Jo Ann Ferguson
The Irish Knight-Amy J. Fetzer
Timeswept Rogue-Amy J. Fetzer
Paradise Found-Peggy Fielding
Call of the White Wolf-Carol Finch (HH)
Mine Forever-Carol Finch
Whispers on the Wind-Donna Fletcher
Forbidden Garden-Tracy Fobes
Touch Not The Cat-Tracy Fobes
Princess-Gaelen Foley
Renegade-Pamela K. Forest
Saddled-Delores Fossen
Compulsion-Elaine Fox
The Imposter-Elaine Fox
Traveler-Elaine Fox
Somewhere My Love-Karen Fox
Bright Morning Star-Kathryn Fox
Raven's Bride-Kathryn Fox
The First Time-Kathryn Fox (ZB)
Firehawk's Bride-Judith E. French
The Irish Rogue-Judith E. French
The Perfect Scandal-Kit Garland
The Scotsman-Juliana Garnett
The Roselynde Chronicles:Joanna-Roberta Gellis
The Roselynde Chronicles:Rhiannon-Roberta Gellis
Apache Tears-Georgina Gentry
Cheyenne Splendor-Georgina Gentry
Timeless Warrior-Georgina Gentry
To Tame a Rebel-Georgina Gentry
To Tame a Savage-Goergina Gentry
Warrior's Heart-Georgina Gentry
Loving Samantha-Robin Gideon
Whispers on the Wind-Judy Gill
Golden Fire-Susan Grace
Promise Me Love-Elizabeth Graham
Lord Liar-Laurie Grant (HH)
The Star Princess-Susan Grant
Courting An Angel-Patricia Grasso
My Heart's Desire-Patricia Grasso
No Decent Gentleman-Patricia Grasso
Seducing the Prince-Patricia Grasso
To Tame a Duke-Patricia Grasso
Violets in the Snow-Patricia Grasso
Once A Rogue-Megan Gray
Silken Dreams-Sharon Green
Seven Brides:Lily-Leigh Greenwood
Seven Brides:Violet-Leigh Greenwood
The Cowboys:Buck-Leigh Greenwood
The Cowboys:Chet-Leigh Greenwood
The Cowboys:Drew-Leigh Greenwood
The Cowboys:Jake-Leigh Greenwood
The Cowboys:Luke-Leigh Greenwood
The Cowboys:Matt-Leigh Greenwood
The Independent Bride-Leigh Greenwood
The Reluctant Bride-Leigh Greenwood
Wyoming Wildfire-Leigh Greenwood
The Warrior Bride-Lois Greiman
Cold Night, Warm Stranger-Jill Gregory
Rough Wrangler, Tender Kisses-Jill Gregory
Shadows in the Mirror-Roslynn Griffith
Lady's Choice-Winnie Griggs
The Elusive Bride-Deborah Hale (HH)
Ariel's Dance-Chloe Hall
Filigree-Debra Hamilton
The Warrior's Damsel-Denise Hampton
The Warrior's Game-Denise Hampton
Blue Moon-Lori Handeland
Mine for all Time-Julia Hanlon
Night Fires-Karen Harbaugh
The Wicked One-Danelle Harmon
Dream Catcher-Kathleen Harrington
A Man of Steel-Cindy Harris
Wolf at the Door: Dublin Dreams-Cindy Harris (ZB)
Charmed-Catherine Hart
Midnight Sun-Amanda Harte
Apache Lover-Holly Harte
Texas Indigo-Holly Harte
Dark Rapture-Michele Hauf
Here is my Heart-Michele Hauf
My Lady Madness-Michele Hauf
A Rogue in Texas-Lorraine Heath
Never Love A Cowboy-Lorraine Heath
To Marry an Heiress-Lorraine Heath
The Outlaw & the Lady-Lorraine Heath
Reckless-Beth Henderson (HH)
Wicked-Beth Henderson (HH)
Heavenly Persuasion-Lorraine Henderson
Broken Vows-Shirl Henke
McCrory's Lady-Shirl Henke
Rebel Baron-Shirl Henke
Sundancer-Shirl Henke
The Endless Sky-Shirl Henke
Desired-Virginia Henley
Enslaved-Virginia Henley
Insatiable-Virginia Henley
Blaze-Norah Hess
Caleb's Bride-Norah Hess
Dylan-Norah Hess
Fancy-Norah Hess
Marna-Norha Hess
Raven-Norah Hess
Tanner-Norah Hess
Winter Love-Norah Hess
Tennessee Moon-Norah Hess
Willow-Norah Hess
A Rebellious Bride-Brenda Hiatt
Rogue's Honor-Brenda Hiatt
Ship of Dreams-Brenda Hiatt
Unforgiven-Lisa Higdon
Unforsaken-Lisa Higdon
Frankly My Dear-Sandra Hill
Love Me Tender-Sandra Hill
Sweeter Savage Love-Sandra Hill
The Blue Viking-Sandra Hill
The Last Viking-Sandra Hill
The Love Potion-Sandra Hill
The Outlaw Viking-Sandra Hill
The Reluctant Viking-Sandra Hill
The Tarnished Lady-Sandra Hill
Truly Madly Viking-Sandra Hill
Wet & Wild-Sandra Hill
Once A Pirate-Tammy Hilz (ZB)
Shadow of the Sun-Tammy Hilz
How to Kiss a Hero-Sandy Hingston
Escapade-Kathryn Hockett
Outrageous-Kathryn Hockett
Stargazer-Colby Hodge
A Time for Dreams-Jen Holling
Tamed by Your Desire-Jen Holling
Beyond Innocence-Emma Holly
Deeper Than Desire-Cheryl Holt
More Than seduction-Cheryl Holt
My Only Love-Cheryl Holt
For My Lady's Honor-Jane Howard
Hunter's Touch-Janis Reams Hudson
By Possession-Madeline Hunter (John on front cover only)
The Bride Wore Spurs-Sharon Ihle
Prim and Improper-Liz Ireland (HH)
The Hidden Jewel-Violet Ivanescu
My Irish Love-Maggie James
Every Wish Fulfilled-Samantha James
His Wicked Promise-Samantha James
The Truest Heart-Samantha James
Wishing-Miranda Jarrett
After the Abduction-Sabrina Jeffries
The Forbidden Lord-Sabrina Jeffries
Against His Will-Trish Jensen
The Duke's Lady-Brenda K. Jernigan
The Captain-Vicki Joehnk
Midnight Warrior-Iris Johansen
The Maltese Star-Deborah Johns
Brazen-Susan Johnson
Pure Sin-Susan Johnson
Sweet Love Survive-Susan Johnson
The Glass Slipper-Linda O. Johnston
Big Bad Wolf-Linda Jones
Cinderfella-Linda Jones
Into The Woods-Linda Jones
Let Me Come In-Linda Jones
Someone's Been Sleeping in my Bed-Linda Jones
The Indigo Blade-Linda Jones
Blind Fortune-Marti Jones
Sinful-Marti Jones
Master of Temptation-Nicole Jordan
Rejar-Dara Joy
After Innocence-Brenda Joyce
A Case of Nerves-Angie Kay
Gray Hawk's Lady-Karen Kay
Lakota Surrender-Karen Kay
Proud Wolf's Woman-Karen Kay
To Charm a Knight-Linda Kay
A Once & Future Love-Anne Kelleher
Fantasy Lover-Sherrilyn Kenyon
Night Pleasures-Sherrilyn Kenyon
Paradise City-Sherrilyn Kenyon
Painted Horse-Katherine Kincaid
Race the Dawn-Katherine Kincaid
Laird of the Wind-Susan King
The Heather Moon-Susan King
In the Presence of Angels-Katherine Kingsley
The Sound of Snow-Katherine Kingsley
A Slip in Time-Kathleen Kirkwood
Embrace the Wind-Chelley Kitzmiller
Midnight Angel-Lisa Kleypas
Someone to Watch Over Me-Lisa Kleypas
Stranger in my Arms-Lisa Kleypas
Where Dreams Begin-Lisa Kleypas
Fulk the Reluctant-Elaine Knighton (HH)
A Knight's Passion-Candice Kohl (ZB)
A Knight's Vow-Candice Kohl (ZB)
The Soft Touch-Betina Krahn
The Unlikely Angel-Betina Krahn
Notorious-Kathryn Kramer
Prince of Wolves-Susan Krinard
Star Crossed-Susan Krinard
Broken Wings-Sylvie Kurtz
Lady Reckless-Leslie LaFoy
Apache Fire-Elizabeth Lane (HH)
MacKenna's Promise-Elizabeth Lane (HH)
Malachite-Ruth Langan (HH)
O'Neil Saga:Rory-Ruth Langan (HH)
The Highlander-Ruth Langan (HH)
The Sea Sprite-Ruth Langan (HH)
Lady Mistress-Anne Laurence
A Rake's Vow-Stephanie Laurens
A Secret Love-Stephanie Laurens
All About Passion-Stephanie Laurens
On a Wicked Dawn-Stephanie Laurens
Scandal's Bride-Stephanie Laurens
The Promise in a Kiss-Stephanie Laurens
Diamonds & Desire-Constance Laux
The Last Man in Town-Susan Kay Law
Lord of the Keep-Ann Lawrence
Lord of the Mist-Ann Lawrence
Virtual Desire-Ann Lawrence
Virtual Heaven-Ann Lawrence
Virtual Warrior-Ann Lawrence
The Challenge-Edith Layton
For Love of Rory-Barbara Leigh (HH)
The Mackenzies:Zach-Ana Leigh
Mountain Moonlight-Elizabeth Leigh
Pagan Bride-Tamara Leigh
Virgin Bride-Tamara Leigh
Warrior Bride-Tamara Leigh
Gambler's Gold-Tori Light
All I Need Is You-Johanna Lindsey
Home for the Holidays-Johanna Lindsey
Love Me Forever-Johanna Lindsey
Say You Love Me-Johanna Lindsey
The Beautiful Stranger-Julia London
The Dangerous Gentleman-Julia London
The Ruthless Charmer-Julia London
Lady of the Upper Kingdom-Merline Lovelace (HH)
Captured-Victoria Lynne
What Wild Moonlight-Victoria Lynne
With This Kiss-Victoria Lynne
Bring Down the Sun-Elisabeth Macdonald
Claiming the Highlander-Kinley Macgregor
My Own Private Hero-Julianne MacLean
Conquer the Night-Selina MacPherson
A Whisper of Violets-Linda Madl
Bayou Rose-Linda Madl
Brighter Than Gold-Linda Madl
The Scotsman's Bride-Linda Madl
The Bride of Windermere-Margo Maguire (HH)
Lion & the Lark-Doreen Owens Malek
Panther's Prey-Doreen Owens Malek
Circles in Time-Tess Mallory
Heartless-Kat Martin
Night Secrets-Kat Martin
Perfect Sin-Kat Martin
The Fire Inside-Kat Martin
A Breath of Scandal-Connie Mason
A Touch So Wicked-Connie Mason
Shadow Walker-Connie Mason
Tears Like Rain-Connie Mason
The Black Knight-Connie Mason
To Love a Stranger-Connie Mason
Viking!-Connie Mason
The Marriage Contract-Cathy Maxwell
The Wedding Wager-Cathy Maxwell
All That Matters-Elizabeth Mayne (HH)
Man of the Mist-Elizabeth Mayne (HH)
Lord of the Isle-Elizabeth Mayne (HH)
Mountain Angel-Patricia McAllister
Sea Raven-Patricia McAllister
Quicksilver's Catch-Mary McBride (HH)
Dream Catcher-Dinah McCall
Jackson Rule-Dinah McCall
Tall Chief-Dinah McCall
Heaven's Fire-Candace McCarthy
Wild Innocence-Candace McCarthy
The Unintended Bride-Kelly McClymer (ZB)
Golden Prophecies-Pam McCutcheon
Quicksilver-Pam McCutcheon
Catching Fire-Wynema McGowan
Dare to Love-Wynema McGowan
Touch of Enchantment-Teresa Medeiros
Lady of Summer-Emma Merritt
Lady of Winter-Emma Merritt
White Fire-Fern Michaels
Beneath a Crimson Moon-Christine Michels
In Fugitive Arms-Christine Michels
Fire & Sword-Theresa Michaels (HH)
Merry Widows:Sarah-Theresa Michaels (HH)
Silk & Steel-Theresa Michaels (HH)
Immortal Heart-Julie Miller
My Runaway Heart-Miriam Minger
Wild Roses-Miriam Minger
A Heart Full of Miracles-Stephanie Mittman
A Kiss to Dream On-Stephanie Mittman
A Double Edged Blade-Julie Moffett
The Thorn & the Thistle-Julie Moffett
The Prisoner-Karyn Monk
The Rose & the Warrior-Karyn Monk
A Rogue's Embrace-Margaret Moore
A Warrior's Lady-Margaret Moore (HH)
Bride of Lochbarr-Margaret Moore
The Saxon-Margaret Moore (HH)
Strands of Gold-Kathleen Morgan
The Heather & the Thistle-Kathleen Morgan
Indigo Moon-Lori Morgan
An Unlikely Lady-Rachelle Morgan
Sealed With A Kiss-Pamela Morsi
Prince Eternal: Sacred Soul-Monique Mucia
The Pearl Stallion-Rae Muir (HH)
Twice a Bride-Rae Muir (HH)
Spellbound-Kathleen Nance
The Warrior-Kathleen Nance
Wishes Come True-Kathleen Nance
For My Lady's Kiss-Linda Needham
Her Secret Guardian-Linda Needham
My Wicked Earl-Linda Needham
Highland Lovesong-Penelope Neri
White Roses-Janet Nickoles
Shadow of the Condor-Jeanne Nickson
Once Upon a Time-Constance O'Banyon
Ride the Wind-Constance O'Banyon
San Antonio Rose-Constance O'Banyon
Siren's Song-Constance O'Banyon
Texas Proud-Constance O'Banyon
The Agreement-Constance O'Banyon
Promised to a Stranger-Linda O'Brien
A Knight of Honor-Laurel O'Donnell
The Angel & the Prince-Laurel O'Donnell
Keeper of the Light-Janeen O'Kerry
Lady of Fire-Janeen O'Kerry
Spirit of the Mist-Janeen O'Kerry
My One & Only-Katherine O'Neal
Texas Passion-Sara Orwig
Gambler's Daughter-Ruth Owen
Sea Princess-Wanda Owen
Sweet Seduction-Wanda Owen
Bed of Roses-Rebecca Paisley
Falcon Moon-Catherine Palmer
Wild Hearts-Garda Parker
The Bride Thief-Susan Spencer Paul (HH)
The Captive Bride-Susan Spencer Paul (HH)
The Heiress Bride-Susan Paul (HH)
The Sword & the Flame-Patricia Phillips
The Dark Knight-Tori Phillips (HH)
The White Sun-Stobie Piel
A Desperate Game-Barbara Pierce
Improper Advances-Margaret Evans Porter
The Proposal-Margaret Evans Porter
The Last Knight-Candice Proctor
Never Trust a Rake-Eileen Putnam
Romancing Mister Bridgerton-Julia Quinn
Splendid-Julia Quinn
The Duke & I-Julia Quinn
The Viscount Who Loved Me-Julia Quinn
Tender Touch-Charlene Raddon
After the Kiss-Karen Ranney
A Promise to Love-Karen Ranney
My Beloved-Karen Ranney
My True Love-Karen Ranney
Upon a Wicked Time-Karen Ranney
When the Laird Returns-Karen Ranney
Sweet Texas Dreams-Dana Ransom
Texas Renegade-Dana Ransom
A Stranger's Kiss-Kimberly Raye
Faithless Angel-Kimberly Raye
Midnight Fantasies-Kimberly Raye
Only in my Dreams-Kimberly Raye
Something Wild-Kimberly Raye
The Bartered Bride-Cheryl Reavis (HH)
The Pretender-Jaclyn Reding
Moonlight Mistress-Patricia Rice
So Wild a Kiss-Nancy Richards Akers
Wild Irish Skies-Nancy Richards Akers
Bushwhacked Bride-Eugenia Riley
Lovers & Other Lunatics-Eugenia Riley
Her Scandalous Intentions-Sari Robins
Betrayal-Evelyn Rogers
Texas Empires:Crown of Glory-Evelyn Rogers
Texas Empires:Lone Star-Evelyn Rogers
Texas Empires:Longhorn-Evelyn Rogers
The Grotto-Evelyn Rogers
The Loner-Evelyn Rogers
Wicked-Evelyn Rogers
Love Me Only-Hebby Roman
Savage Heat-Nan Ryan
Written in the Stars-Nan Ryan
Second Chances-Sharon Sala
Heart of a Knight-Barbara Samuel
The Black Angel-Barbara Samuel
More than Kisses-Glenda Sanders
Chase Wheeler's Woman-Charlene Sands (HH)
Bliss-Lynsay Sands
Lady Pirate-Lynsay Sands
The Deed-Lynsay Sands
Enchanted Time-Amy Elizabeth Saunders
Forever-Amy Elizabeth Saunders
Courting Rebecca-Susan Sawyer
Loving Tyler-Susan Sawyer
A Stolen Rose-Coral Smith Saxe
The Mirror & the Magic-Coral Smith Saxe
The Shore Unknown-Coral Smith Saxe
More Than A Dream-Martha Schroeder (ZB)
True to her Heart-Martha Schroeder (ZB)
A Slender Thread-Lee Scofield
The Lady & the Outlaw-DeLoras Scott (HH)
Broken Promise-Theresa Scott
Dark Renegade-Theresa Scott
Eagle Dancer-Theresa Scott
Northern Nights-Theresa Scott
Yesterday's Dawn-Theresa Scott
Maid of Midnight-Ana Seymour (HH)
Heaven's Hero-Colleen Shannon
Trust in Me-Kathryn Shay
Silver Rain-Barbara Sheridan
A Leaf in the Wind-Velda Sherrod
Maiden Bride-Deborah Simmons (HH)
My Lady de Burgh-Deborah Simmons (HH)
Robber Bride-Deborah Simmons (HH)
The Devil Earl-Deborah Simmons (HH)
Stealing Midnight-Sonia Simone
The Night Orchid-Patricia Simpson
Perfect Strangers-Rebecca Sinclair
The Price of Innocence-Susan Sizemore
Bewitching-Gloria Dale Skinner
Bedazzled-Bertrice Small (trade size)
Betrayed-Bertrice Small
The Wedding Night-Barbara Dawson Smith
Brazen-Bobbi Smith
Brides of Durango:Elise-Bobbi Smith
Lady Deception-Bobbi Smith
Renegade's Lady-Bobbi Smith
The Half Breed-Bobbi Smith
Elusive Passion-Kathryn Smith
Forever-Sylvie Sommerfield
Night Walker-Sylvie Sommerfield
Promises of Love-Sylvie Sommerfield
Velvet & Steel-Sylvie Sommerfield
Reckless Destiny-Teresa Southwick
Heart's Magic-Flora Speer
Love Once & Forever-Flora Speer
No Other Love-Flora Speer
The Magician's Lover-Flora Speer
Danegeld-Susan Squires
His Stolen Bride-Judith Stanton
Nobility Ranch-Cynthia Sterling (ZB)
Badland's Bride-Cheryl St John (HH)
The Highland Wife-Lyn Stone (HH)
The Deal-Cynthia Strickland
Midnight Lord-Marlene Suson
The Crystal Prophecy-Janice Tarantino
Wild Winds-Janelle Taylor
Into the Sunset-Shelly Thacker
Prairie Knight-Donna Valentino
Queen of my Heart-Donna Valentino
The Falcon & the Dove-Bonnie Vanak
Catch a Wild Heart-Vivian Vaughan
Reluctant Enemies-Vivian Vaughan
Callie's Honor-Kathleen Webb
Devil in a Kilt-Sue Ellen Welfonder
Master of the Highlands-Sue Ellen Welfonder
Treasured-Patricia Werner
Whispers of Goodbye-Karen White
Dancing on Air-Susan Wiggs
A Hidden Magic-Terri Lynn Wilhelm
Storm Prince-Terri Lynn Wilhelm
Coulter's Angel-Jean Wilson
Bittersweet Summer-Rachel Wilson
Cherokee Wind-Clara Wimberly
Autumn Rose-Linda Windsor
Border Rose-Linda Windsor
A Rose in Winter-Kathleen Woodiwiss
Hunter's Bride-Jessica Wulf
Desert Rogue-Erin Yorke (HH)


All I Want For Christmas-Foster/Holmes/MacGregor/Wilks
Big Guns Out of Uniforms-Kenyon/Carlyle/Camden
Dangerous & Dashing-Blayne/Lawrence/Collum
Hot & Bothered-Foster/Bradley/Callen/Marquez
Irish Enchantment-Fox/McCarthy/Wilson
Love Beyond Time-Hutchinson/Rogers/Smith
My Spellbound Heart-Biggs/Fetzer/Kaye/Orwig
Naughty, Naughty-Johnson/Lee/Logan/Winston
Naughty or Nice?-Kenyon/Phillips/Ryan/Smith
Notorious & Noble-Bennett/Lansdowne/Savery
One Night With A Rogue-Cates/Dodd/Martin/Stuart
One Starry Christmas-Davidson/Finch/Banning
Only with a Rogue-Basso/Faulkner/Raleigh
Scottish Brides-Dodd/Laurens/Quinn/Ranney
Seductive & Scandalous-Clayton/Holbrook/Kirkland/Stewart
Their First Noel-Greenwood/Hutchinson/Mason/Scott
Under His Spell-Archer/Bartlett/Dorsey/Verge
Valentine Rogues-Holbrook/Raleigh/Simpson
Wonderful & Wicked-Dunn/King/Linton

Non Romance

The Last Mammoth-Margaret Allan
The Wolf King-Alice Borchardt
How to Murder the Man of Your Dreams-Dorothy Cannell
A Romantic Way To Die-Bill Crider
Present Tense-Dave Duncan
The Pool of Two Moons-Kate Forsyth
Wind Whispers, Shadow Shouts-Sharon Green
Rig Warrior-William W Johnston
Rig Warrior Wheels of Death-William W Johnston
The Sardonyx Net-Elizabeth A. Lynn
The Deer's Cry-Patricia Kennealy Morrison
Atlantis Found-R. Garcia y Robertson
The Icewind Dale Trilogy-R.A. Salvatore
Dragons of Autumn Twilight-Weis & Hickman
Hero's Stand-Charles G. West
Savage Cry-Charles G. West
Son of the Hawk-Charles G. West
Bloodrights-N. Lee Wood

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Applet created from THE SOUND OF SNOW
by Katherine Kingsley