Welcome to my sexy new page for Harlequin Blazes. Do you like hot passionate romance? The hotter the better? Then Harlequin can fulfill your desire! The Harlequin Blaze line is a reader favorite! These books are provocative, super sensual, and intriguing, with satisfying climaxes. There are four titles a month by authors that captivate you with their hot, sexy stories and keep you coming back for more. Spice up your reading, and your life, with a Harlequin Blaze today. Feed your cravings!!!

Here are the Blaze titles I own:

1-Notorious-Vicki Lewis Thompson
2-Going for It!-Jo Leigh
3-Two Sexy!-Stephanie Bond
4-Exposed-Julie Elizabeth Leto
5-Thirty Nights-JoAnn Ross
6-The Pleasure Principle-Kimberly Raye
7-Uninhibited-Candace Schuler
8-Body Heat-Carly Phillips
9-Just A Little Sex-Miranda Lee
10-Sleeping with the Enemy-Jamie Denton
11-The Wild Side-Isabel Sharpe
12-Heat Waves-Janelle Denison
13-In His Wildest Dreams-Debbi Rawlins
14-The Driven Snowe-Cathy Yardley
15-You Sexy Thing!-Tori Carrington
16-LA Confidential-Julie Kenner
17-Erotic Invitation-Carly Phillips
18-Her Secret Thrill-Donna Kauffman
19-Live a Little!-Nancy Warren
20-Playing with Fire-Carrie Alexander
21-Acting on Impulse-Vicki Lewis Thompson
22-The Bare Facts-Karen Anders
23-Scent of a Woman-Jo Leigh
24-All Tied Up-Alison Kent
25-Enslaved-Susan Kearney
26-Silk, Lace & Videotape-Joanne Rock
27-Good Time Girl-Candace Schuler
28-Secret Games-Jeanie London
29-Just Watch Me...-Julie Elizabeth Leto
30-A Touch of Silk-Lori Wilde
31-Body Contact-Rebecca York
32-No Strings Attached-Alison Kent
33-A Wicked Seduction-Janelle Denison
34-Sensual Secrets-Jo Leigh
35-Sheer Pleasure-Patricia Rosemoor
36-Educating Gina-Debbi Rawlins
37-A Stranger's Touch-Tori Carrington
38-Intent to Seduce-Cara Summers
39-The Last Virgin-Dorie Graham
40-Bound to Happen-Alison Kent
41-Seduced by the Enemy-Jamie Denton
42-One Night Man-Jeanie London
43-Hot on her Tail-Karen Anders
44-My Sexiest Mistake-Kristin Hardy
45-Intimate Knowledge-Julie Miller
46-His Private Pleasure-Donna Kauffman
47-Whisper-Nancy Warren
48-In Hot Pursuit-Joanne Rock
49-Double the Pleasure-Julie Elizabeth Leto
51-Take Me-Cherry Adair
52-Truly, Madly, Deeply-Vicki Lewis Thompson
53-About That Night-Jeanie London
54-Wild & Willing-Joanne Rock
55-Improper Conduct-Patricia Rosemoor
56-Every Move You Make-Tori Carrington
57-Breathless-Nancy Warren
58-Tempting Adam-Dorie Graham
59-Guilty Pleasures-Cathy Yardley
60-Hands On-Debbi Rawlins
61-The Ultimate Seduction-Janelle Denison
62-Naturally Naughty-Leslie Kelly
63-Naughty But Nice-Jill Shalvis
64-A Man for the Night-Miranda Lee
65-Fire and Ice-Tori Carrington
66-A Thrill to Remember-Lori Wilde
67-The Sex Files-Jule McBride
68-The Sweetest Taboo-Alison Kent
69-Against the Odds-Donna Kauffman
70-Heat of the Moment-Lori Herter
71-Game for Anything-Cara Summers
72-A Dash of Temptation-Jo Leigh
73-Going Too Far-Tori Carrington
74-The Diva Diaries-Karen Anders
75-Just Toying Around-Rhonda Nelson
76-A Taste of Fantasy-Isabel Sharpe
77-Carnal Innocence-Julie Miller
78-Scoring-Kristin Hardy
79-The Boy Toy-Eugenia Riley
80-How to Host a Seduction-Jeanie London
81-Show & Tell-Rhonda Nelson
82-Just 4 Play-Cindi Myers
83-Red Shoes & a Diary-Mia Zachary
84-Pleasure for Pleasure-Jamie Sobrato
85-By the Book-Nancy Warren
86-As Bad As Can Be-Kristin Hardy
87-Wild and Wicked-Joanne Rock
88-Truth or Dare-Jo Leigh
89-Working It-Cathy Yardley
90-Between the Sheets-Jeanie London
91-All Tucked In...-Jule McBride
92-Looking for Trouble-Julie Elizabeth Leto
93-Friendly Persuasion-Dawn Atkins
94-Slippery When Wet-Kristin Hardy
95-Hot Zone-Patricia Rosemoor
96-Bordering On Obession-Susan Kearney
97-Sex and the Sleepwalker-Donna Sterling
98-Silent Desires-Julie Kenner
99-Striptease-Alison Kent
100-Up to No Good-Julie Elizabeth Leto
101-Brief Encounters-Suzanne Forster
102-After Hours-Vicki Lewis Thompson
103-Hers to Take-Karen Anders
104-Sex & the Single Girl-Joanne Rock
105-Night Fever-Tori Carrington
106-Packed with Pleasure-Lori Wilde
107-Wicked Games-Alison Kent
108-Girl's Guide to Hunting & Kissing-Joanne Rock
109-Flavor of the Month-Tori Carrington
110-Over the Edge-Jeanie London
111-Yours to Seduce-Karen Anders
112-Anything Goes-Debbi Rawlins
113-Just Between Us-Tori Carrington
114-Stroke of Midnight-Jamie Denton/Carrie Alexander/Nancy Warren
115-Picture Me Sexy-Rhonda Nelson
116-What A Girl Wants-Jamie Sobrato
117-Bedroom Therapy-Rebecca York
118-Rumor Has It-Cindi Myers
119-Mine to Entice-Karen Anders
120-Indiscreet-Alison Kent
121-Playmates-Crystal Green
122-Arm Candy-Jo Leigh
123-As You Like It-Lori Wilde
124-One Hot Weekend-Katherine Garbera
125-Unfinished Business-Suzanne Forster
126-Take Me Twice-Isabel Sharpe
127-The Sex Solution-Kimberly Raye
128-With This Fling-Jeanie London
129-Forbidden-Tori Carrington
130-Eye Candy-Dorie Graham
131-The Fantasy Factor-Kimberly Raye
132-Bared-Jill Shalvis
133-Some Kind of Sexy-Jamie Sobrato
134-The One that Got Away-Jo Leigh
135-Girl Gone Wild-Joanne Rock
136-Yours in Black Lace-Mia Zachary
137-Indecent-Tori Carrington
138-A Burning Obsession-Susan Kearney
139-Date with a Diva-Joanne Rock
140-The Sex Diet-Rhonda Nelson
141-Absolute Pleasure-Jamie Denton
142-Virtually Perfect-Samantha Hunter
144-His Hot Number-Shannon Hollis
145-Wicked-Tori Carrington
146-Undeniable-Julie Elizabeth Leto
147-Taste Me-Carrie Alexander
150-Major Attraction-Julie Miller
151-In Dreams-Patricia Rosemoor
153-Hot Sheets-Jeanie London
154-Manhandling-Karen Anders
155-Very Truly Sexy-Dawn Atkins
156-Cutting Loose-Kristin Hardy
157-Run for Covers-Jeanie London
158-1-900-Lover-Rhonda Nelson
159-Good to be Bad-Debbi Rawlins
160-9 1/2 Days-Mia Zachary
161-Pillow Chase-Jeanie London
162-Before I Melt Away-Isabel Sharpe
163-Unwrapped-Carrie Alexander
164-Nothing But the Best-Kristin Hardy
166-Hard to Handle-Jamie Denton
167-As Hot As It Gets-Jamie Sobrato
169-My Favorite Mistake-Stephanie Bond
170-On the Loose-Shannon Hollis
171-Silk Confessions-Joanne Rock
172-Getting It Good!-Rhonda Nelson
174-Slow Ride-Carrie Alexander
175-Shockingly Sensual-Lori Wilde
176-Going to Extremes-Dawn Atkins
177-The Cowboy Way-Candace Schuler
178-Hush-Jo Leigh
184-The Proposition-Cara Summers
188-The Dare-Cara Summers
191-Texas Fever-Kimberly Raye

*underlined titles indicate books read*

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