June '04
ISBN: 0446532371

Ariana Costas is a college professor in Vermont, having moved away from Ocean Isle, NJ to have a normal life away from her eccentric Greek family. Then her twin sister goes missing and she comes home to the Jersey coast to find out what happened. Upon her arrival she finds her family is still the same wacky bunch she remembered. When Ari is shot at, mistaken for her sister, she is rescued by a handsome detective.

At first glance Quinn Donovan suspects the woman is Zoe but instead is her captivating twin. Now Ari is in danger and Quinn is the man to protect her but as they become closer he finds it harder and harder to keep secret the part he played in her sister's disapperance. With Ari working at the casino where his dangerous mission is centered, he struggles to resist the attraction between them. As Quinn and Ari search for Zoe, they fall hard for each other but will they live long enough for their love to be fulfilled?

Carly Phillips has another winner! UNDER THE BOARDWALK is a heartwarming story with a solid plot, strong characters, family values, and humor that will have you laughing out loud. The romance between the hero and heroine is quite nice with some sizzling sex scenes that do not disappointment. And happiness abounds for all with a great ending. I hope to see a sequel to this story!

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Updated 4/24/04