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This page is devoted to romances set in Louisiana. Whether the stories take place on the steamy streets of New Orleans or the sweltering bayous, when the stories are flavored authentically you can imagine yourself there. If you have not tried romances set in this exciting place then I highly recommend them...they have become a reader favorite. The titles listed on this page are books I own as well as recommended titles. If you know of titles not listed then please feel free to send them to me. Enjoy and I hope you find the page useful!

Available from Kensington Publishing
ISBN# 0-7582-0711-5
April 2005

Logan Hart is a reporter, with his own column, for the New Orleans Gazette. He made a bet he could do any job for one shift and his readers expect a monthly update on his adventures. His stint as a male stripper turns into a seductive slow dance with a sexy woman that leads to an amazing night of steamy sex. She gets under his skin and touches his heart but by morning she disappears. Logan is determined to find her, his reporter's instincts tell him she is hiding secrets and in danger.

Being a cop on the mean streets of the Big Easy is Jody Dupree's life. She shared an incredible night of sex with Logan but flees by morning. The hot-bodied “stripper” turns out to be a reporter assigned to tag along with her as she works so he can write his column as promised. Spending time together in the sultry French Quarter and the sweltering bayous is more exciting than what's happening on the streets—then Logan senses a story involving Jody’s past and an unsolved murder from years ago. The secrets she keeps could make his career...and put them both in more danger than he realizes.

Wow, I really enjoyed Southern Exposure!! Karen Kelley did an incredible job weaving erotism into a well-written plot that threathens romance with murder and betrayal. And many kudos for the secondary romances as well!! I enjoy stories set in New Orleans but when I am taken (as a reader) into the Louisiana bayous...that is when the fun really begins. The scene of the heroine taking the hero out into the swamp in a piroque, for safe keeping, was just awesome....and then when they hit land....I will never forget it. YUM!! Southern Exposure is quite simply...fantastic!

Karen Kelley

Available from Triskelion Publishing
ISBN# 1-932866-24-8

Justin Thibodeaux is determined to find the gold that will prove his heritage and after an eventful night on the bayou his gris-gris has him changing with the moon. Then after ten years, his ex-lover Jean-Marie LaFleur comes back into his life, and they have a second chance at love.

Sound simple enough? That's the basis of Bayou Gold but it's just the tip of the iceberg for this awesome story set in LaTreche, a small Louisiana parish, where voodoo is just as powerful as the raging passion that flames between this hero and heroine. I found myself totally absorbed in the authentic flavor of Louisiana, and the passion was indeed as sweltering as a night on the bayou must truly be. It made me long to visit and, Mercy Alive, I would hope to get just a look at a man as sexy as Justin Thibodeaux. Alicia Sparks deserves a GOLD medal for Bayou Gold!!!

Alicia Sparks

Fantastic e-book!

Behind the Mask by Hill/Alexander/Lapthorne EC
Born of Night by Celeste Anwar NCP
Cajun Nights by Windsor/Winston/Michelle EC
Carnal Appetite by Celeste Anwar NCP
Carnal Knowledge by Celeste Anwar NCP
French Quarter by Lacey Alexander EC
Summer Heat by Jaci Burton EC
The Cajun Sheriff by Brandi Michaels EC

A Sizzling hot read!

This is a wonderful Vampire Romance!

Getting Her Man-Michele Albert
Eternal Vows-Alice Alfonsi
Beyond Forever-Rosalyn Alsobrook
Be My Baby-Susan Anderson
One Summer Evening-Mary Lynn Baxter
Always-Barbara Benedict
Louisiana Dawn-Jennifer Blake
Love's Wild Desire-Jennifer Blake
Shameless-Jennifer Blake
In Your Wildest Dreams-Toni Blake (coming 7/05)
In Deep VooDoo-Stephanie Bond (coming 9/05)
Blue Bayou-Parris Afton Bonds
Slow Heat in Heaven-Sandra Brown
The Loving-Sandra Canfield
A Cajun Dream-Cherie Claire
Delphine-Cherie Claire
Emilie-Cherie Claire
Gabrielle-Cherie Claire
Rose-Cherie Claire
Blue Moon Bayou-Katherine Compton
All The Time We Need-Megan Daniel
Beneath a Blood Red Moon-Shannon Drake
Louisiana Hurricane-Kathleen Duey
The Fire Opal-Connie Flynn
Mercy-Julie Garwood
Heaven in a Wildflower-Patricia Hagan
Frankly My Dear-Sandra Hill
Sweeter Savage Love-Sandra Hill
Tall, Dark & Cajun-Sandra Hill
The Cajun Cowboy-Sandra Hill
The Love Potion-Sandra Hill
The Red Hot Cajun-Sandra Hill (coming 4/05)
Behind the Mask-Metsy Hingle
The Wager-Metsy Hingle
Cry Wolf-Tami Hoag
Lucky's Lady-Tami Hoag
After the Night-Linda Howard
Night's Immortal Kiss-Cherlyn Jac
Night's Immortal Touch-Cherlyn Jac
Shadows in Time-Cherlyn Jac
To Kiss a Frog-Elle James
Absolute Trouble-Michele Jerott
Only In Your Arms-Lisa Kleypas
Just Once-Jill Marie Landis
Louisiana Passion-Elizabeth Leigh
Song of the Bayou-Elinor Lynley
Creole Nights-Deborah Martin
Creole Fires-Kat Martin
Jackson Rule-Dinah McCall
A Man to Slay Dragons-Meagan McKinney
Surrender to Love-Heather Moore
The Love Charm-Pamela Morsi
Enchantment-Kathleen Nance
Wishes Come True-Kathleen Nance
Bedroom Eyes-Hailey North
Dear Love Doctor-Hailey North
Perfect Match-Hailey North
Pillow Talk-Hailey North
Forever My Fancy-Wanda Owen
Passion-Marilyn Pappano
Ghost Moon-Karen Robards
Blue Bayou-JoAnn Ross
Creole Moon-Myra Rowe
Cypress Moon-Myra Rowe
The Countess Misbehaves-Nan Ryan
Closer Than She Thinks-Meryl Sawyer
Silver Rain-Barbara Sheridan
Spellbound-Trana Mae Simmons
Forbidden Fruit-Erica Spindler
Fever-Katherine Sutcliffe
Bayou Magic-Elizabeth Turner
A Light on the Veranda-Ciji Ware
Midnight on Julia Street-Ciji Ware
Alligator Moon-Joanna Wayne
Oh La La!-Robin Wells
Erotic New Orleans-anthology from Venus Book Club
A Dance With The Devil-Rexanne Becnel/Anne Logan/Deborah Martin/Meagan Mc Kinney
Unmasked-Jennifer Blake/Janet Dailey/Elizabeth Gage

by Jennifer Blake (MIRA)

by Lynn Emery
One Love
A Time To Love
Sweet Mystery
Tender Touch
After All
Happy New Year, Baby
Night Magic

That Old Black Magic-Pepper Adams (SR)
When Somebody Loves You-Trisha Alexander (SSE)
When Somebody Needs You-Trisha Alexander (SSE)
When Somebody Wants You-Trisha Alexander (SSE)
Private Lies-Judith Arnold (HAR)
Falling Hard and Fast-Kylie Brant (SIM)
Catch Me If You Can-Nina Bruhns (SIM)
Sweet Revenge-Nina Bruhns (SIM)
Sweet Suspicion-Nina Bruhns (SIM)
Sweet Summer Heat-Katherine Burton (HSR)
House Husband-Linda Cajio (HAR)
Angel In My Arms-Suzanne Carey (SD)
Passion in the First Degree-Carla Cassidy (HI)
Remember the Night-Linda Castillo (SIM)
Shiver-Cynthia Cooke (HI)
My One and Only-Sherry Crane (Precious Gem)
Heiress Apparent-Kayla Daniels (SIM)
Midnight Hour-Debra Dixon (Lswept)
The Tycoon's Temptation-Katherine Garbera (SD)
Born to be Bad-Crystal Green (Blaze)
Angel at Risk-Leann Harris (SIM)
Navy SEAL Dad-Metsy Hingle (SD)
Wife with Amnesia-Metsy Hingle (SD)
Louisiana Lovin'-Charlotte Hughes (Lswept)
Heir to Secret Memories-Mallory Kane (HI)
Bayou Heat-Donna Kauffman (Lswept)
Street of Dreams-Lynn Leslie (HI)
Insatiable-Julie Elizabeth Leto (HT)
Pure Chance-Julie Elizabeth Leto (HT)
That Old Devil Moon-Anne Logan (HSR)
Scandal's Child-Ann Major (SD)
The Cop Next Door-Jenna Mills (SIM)
Blood Ties-Laurel Pace (HI)
Tiger in the Rain-Laura Parker (SIM)
Bayou Midnight-Emilie Richards (SIM)
A Younger Woman-Wendy Rosnau (SIM)
The Long Hot Summer-Wendy Rosnau (SIM)
The Right Side of the Law-Wendy Rosnau (SIM)
Private Passions-JoAnn Ross (HT)
Bad Boy of New Orleans-Olivia Rupprecht (Lswept)
Cajun Summer-Maura Seger (SD)
Night Jasmine-Erica Spindler (SSE)
Love Potion #5-Cathy Gillen Thacker (HAR)
All I Want For Christmas-Joanna Wayne (HI)
Behind the Mask-Joanna Wayne (HI)
Deep In The Bayou-Joanna Wayne (HI)
Extreme Heat-Joanna Wayne (HI)
Mystic Isle-Joanna Wayne (HI)
Bayou Moon-Rebecca York (HI)
Sugar Baby-Karen Young (HSR)
Boys in Blue-York/Peterson/Rosemoor (HI)
Bayou Blood Brothers-York/Hingle/Wayne (HI)
Gypsy Magic-York/Peterson/Rosemoor (HI)

Harl Superromance
387 Julianne's Song-Kit Bakker
391 Catherine's Song-Marie Beaumont
397 Jessica's Song-Virginia Nielsen

Harl Intrigue
399 A Christmas Kiss- Caroline Burnes
402 A New Year's Conviction- Cassie Miles
406 The Valentine Hostage- Dawn Stewardson

Harl Superromance
Casey's Gamble by Eve Gaddy
The Secret Daughter by Roz Denny Fox
Jackson's Girls by KN Casper

Silh Shadows
by Evelyn Vaughn
8 Waiting for the Wolf Moon
39 Burning Times
52 Beneath the Surface
66 Forest of the Night

by Marilyn Pappano
583 Michael's Gift
609 Regarding Remy
626 A Man like Smith
812 Convincing Jamey
824 The Taming of Reid Donovan
836 Knight Errant

Harl Temptations
by Jo Ann Ross
638 Roarke: The Adventurer
646 Shayne: The Pretender
654 Michael: The Defender

Silh Desires
by BJ James
945 Heart of the Hunter
951 The Saint of Bourbon Street
956 A Wolf in the Desert
1081 Whispers in the Dark
1106 Journey's End

Contract: Paternity -Jasmine Cresswell-'97
Letters, Lies and Alibis -Sandy Steen-'97
Finding Kendall -Anne Logan -'97
In the Bride's Defense -Kelsey Roberts -'97
Every Kid Needs a Hero -Candace Schuler -'98
Son of the Sheriff -Sandy Steen -'98
Overruled by Love -M.J. Rodgers -'98
Someone to Watch Over Her -Kelsey Roberts -'98
For the Love of Beau -Margaret St. George -'98
French Twist -Margot Dalton -'98
Legacy of Secrets -Judith Arnold -'98
Desires and Deceptions -Penny Richards -'98

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