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Organic Synthesis on Solid Phase

Supports, Linkers, Reactions


by F. Zaragoza Dörwald

Novo Nordisk A/S


Wiley-VCH, March 2000

ISBN 3-527-29950-5

474 pages, approx. $ 135.-


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Keywords: combinatorial chemistry, compound libraries, parallel synthesis, organic synthesis, combinatorial techniques, drug discovery, small molecule libraries, peptides, oligonucleotides, oligosaccharides, polymers, compound arrays, high throughput screening, automated compound production


Table of contents:


1. General Techniques and Analytical Tools for Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis

2. Supports for Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis

3. Linkers for Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis

4. Preparation of Organometallic Compounds

5. Preparation of Hydrocarbons

6. Preparation of Alkyl and Aryl Halides

7. Preparation of Alcohols and Ethers

8. Preparation of Sulfur Compounds

9. Preparation of Organoselenium Compounds

10. Preparation of Nitrogen Compounds

11. Preparation of Phosphorus Compounds

12. Preparation of Aldehydes and Ketones

13. Preparation of Carboxylic Acid Derivatives

14. Preparation of Carbonic Acid Derivatives

15. Preparation of Heterocycles

16. Preparation of Oligomeric Compounds

17. Index



Organic synthesis on insoluble supports is a rapidly developing methodology which offers several advantages if compared to traditional synthesis in solution. In recent years many new synthetic methods for solid-phase synthesis have been developed, and this technique is becoming a valuable alternative to traditional synthesis, in particular when large numbers of different compounds in small quantities are needed for screening. Combinatorial chemistry and the production of compound libraries are usually based on solid phase synthesis.


This exhaustive and systematically organized reference, written by a chemist for chemists, gives an in-depth view on solid-phase organic synthesis. The work quickly guides the reader to the best method for preparing a given class of compounds on solid phase. Many tables with numerous examples illustrate the feasibility of a given reaction on insoluble supports, and all the information can be easily located either using the table of contents or the (very extensive) index.




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