Zaragoza Dörwald, Florencio

Metal Carbenes in Organic Synthesis

1998. XXV, 265 pages. Hardcover
ISBN 3-527-29625-5 WILEY-VCH, Weinheim

(English-Language Title / Englishsprachiger Titel)

Metal carbenes belong to the most versatile reagents in organic synthesis. Carbene complexes can be used both as catalysts for a number of important synthetic transformations and as stoichiometric reagents. The aim of this book is to give a well-structured overview of the applications of carbene complexes in organic synthesis. All aspects of carbene complex chemistry are covered, with special emphasis on recent innovations, in an attempt to pinpoint new and promising research areas. The subject of this book has been organized in three main sections: heteroatom-substituted, non-heteroatom-substituted, and acceptor-substituted carbene complexes. In each section generation and synthetic applications of carbene complexes are discussed in depth, and illustrated by numerous examples and experimental procedures.

"...this concise presentation of all the aspects of the use of carbene complexes in synthesis will help provide the impetus for even more rapid developments in this field of research." R. H. Grubbs (Caltech)

Keywords: carbenes, carbene complexes, organic synthesis, transition metals, organometallic chemistry, olefin metathesis, cyclopropanes, Dötz reaction.

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26-March 1999

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