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Titan Metal War Rules

These RPG rules have existed since the Titan Metal War. In no means are these rules permanent. It can be changed at anytime. Whenever a new War begins......both sides must come together and agree on the terms of the rules. For now..... these are how the rules were during the Titan Metal Wars, Trans War and Empire Civil War I and II.

  • RULE NUMBER 1= You must use one move per sentence Example: "Transforms into a Wolverine" "Jumps right at Judicator"

    You can't use 2 moves at the same time "Transforms into a Wolverine and jumps right at Judicator" that move wont count and will be ignored by the other fighter.

  • RULE NUMBER 2= No God powers or other wise a Bullshit move for example: "Throws a Torch right thru Fortress Maximus killing him"

    or "Throws a Torch blasting both of Ginrai arms off."

    You cannot kill off somebody with just one move ... that does not give the other person a shot to defend and it will be ignore.

    "Opens matrix killing all Decepticons"

    that move will not count as well. No, God Powers ... play fairly.

  • RULE NUMBER 3= There are a few ways to win a battle..... One is ... whoever the last person that is in the chat room will be the winner and take the win for his Faction/Army(Like a Royal Rumble). However, if the person.... lets say "Hound" is the only one left from the Autobots and has been alone for more than 5 minutes as the only Autobot.... and there is about 2 or more Decepticons.... the Decepticons will win automatically or vice versa

    if you are outnumbered 2 to 1 ratio for about 5 minutes you lose.

  • RULE NUMBER 4= Your character must have a Profile ... if you do not have a Profile you cannot battle.


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