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Decepticon Empire

Weekly Decepticon newsletter

  • The Empire has declared victory in the Trans war over Street Beast. The Leader of Street Beast, Rodimus001 has forfeited to King Warlock. Rodimus001 exchanged his Spark for the survival of his group in return.....his terms were accepted

  • The shortest battle in history was set by us...... the Empire by defending Autobot City against Street Beast in less than a minute. The record for the longest battle also belongs to the Empire by winning the planet Nebulous from the M.A.A. in 5 and half hours.

  • After the Titan Metal Wars.....The Empire controls most of Cybertron, Autobot City, The Ark, The Beehive Planet, Mars and Earth Moonbase, Planet Nebulous and all of Cybertron Moonbase's.

  • 12/1/02= The Titan Metal War is over. The Empire has declared victory over M.A.A. since they no longer exist. Terms were not discussed.

  • 12/1/02= The Final score in the Titan Metal Wars.....The Empire had 18 wins and 13 losses and 7 tie's against the Maximal/Autobot Alliance.

  • 5/17/03= The Empire Civil War II is underway. Forces loyal to Sub Commander Obikron (E.D.R.) and forces loyal to King Warlock are fighting for leadership of the Empire.

  • 6/3/03= This war has officially gotten out of hand. A handful of MAA members are helping EDR. A group of Decepticons have quit and become Autobots.....joining Prime X group (Xkonz). Yes, thats right Prime X is back!

  • 6/6/03= The Maximal Force and the Xkonz have jumped in the Empire Civil War II in there quest to end King Warlock. Here is a statement from our beloved King Warlock "fuck all of were never Decepticons to begin with".

  • 2/21/04= Bad news to report...King Warlock has been killed. Last night he was murdered. Obikron is the new offical leader of the Decepticons. The Empire is dead and is no more.

  • 2/22/04= The Final score in the Empire Civil War II The Decepticon Empire have 6 wins and 10 losses with 2 ties. E.D.R., Maximal Force and the Xkonz have won the War.

  • 3/26/05= Apocalypse has return to the throne......... to once again become Supreme Leader of the Decepticon Empire. The Decepticon Empire will start from scratch once again.

  • 4/1/05= For the Record the Decepticon Empire had never been started by B.W.Megatron aka Tregamon. He was just some clown...Apocalypse and Warlock met in there first day of RPGing in big bot. The Empire had been started by all Original 9 members. Hence the name "Original 9".

  • 4/29/05= Our first battle has been set. This Sunday at 8 pm eastern time. The Decepticon Empire will fight The Elite Decepticon Revolution. Trypticon City will be up for grabs. We expect this to be a quick War.... rumors are that they are barely standing.

  • 5/2/05= We have regain Trypticon City. In less then 3 minutes the Decepticon Empire have defeated the E.D.R. On the Decepticon Empire side there was Apocalypse, Warlock, Havoc, Cylo-X, Armageddon, and Hi-Fi againt only Obikron lol. Like I said I expect this War to be very short.

  • 5/11/05= Obikron is dead! The Decepticon Empire have claimed victory over the E.D.R. and regain Trypticon City. I didnt expect it to only last one much for a new War.

  • 5/12/07= As of right now The Empire controls Trypticon City, all the Decepticon Moon bases and stations, Sectors around Trypticon City, The Beehive Planet, planet Pirancron and Planet Nebulous

  • 1/20/08= The newest faction has join the Decepticon Empire. We welcome the Seacons. The new Seacons section is updated.


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