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FUNCTION: Front Line Warrior

Hot Shot comes off as the irresponsible, impatient, hot-headed, 'shoot-first-ask-questions-later' type of 'bot. Being careless in everything from routine patrols to actual combat while the older Autobots have to run in and bail him out; even had to be put under the tutelage of Scavenger to mold him into a more responsible soldier. However, on Cybertron, he's shown as a clear-headed, responsible, trustworthy authority figure in charge of his own Autobot Platoon. He was even respected by Autobot Elders and given the task of training then new recruits like Wheeljack. It's possible that once on Earth, he was no longer hampered with the responsibilities he had on Cybertron and then chose to adopt a more care-free lifestyle. Either way, Hot Shot is a care-free spirit who is easy to get along with and tries his best to buddy up with everybody on the Autobot team, even loners like Blurr. Hot Shot assumes the form of well… a tacky looking yellow sports car in vehicle mode. Despite the odd paint job, Hot Shot is without a doubt, not only one of the fastest Autobots, but fastest Transformers around. Support from Jolt even grants him limited flight capabilities while in vehicle mode.