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FUNCTION: Aerial Assualt

In the year 1985,Megatron was trying to obtain a new type of super fuel to power up his Decepticons. Since the Autobots were helping the US Government guard it in a convoy, the Decepticons who were primarily air based were quickly defeated. Megatron soon realized he needed land based Decepticons so the Stunticons were born. Megatron needed the Key to Vector Sigma (Vector Sigma is a powerful computer which has the essence of Primus in it that gives all of the Transformers their sparks) to give the Stunticons life. After taking the Key to Vector Sigma from Alpha Trion, Optimus Prime, Omega Supreme, and several other Autobots went to Cybertron to stop Megatron. They needed reinforcements since Megatron sent the indestructible Sentinels which guard Vector Sigma after the Autobots so Optimus and his comrades rebuilt 5 Cybertronian Shuttles into 5 Autobots who were able to transform into jets and also they had the ability to merge into a super robot named Superion. Since the Megatron had the key, Alpha Trion had to use himself as a substitute key and in the process he died giving the Aerialbots their sparks. From that day forth, the Aerialbots were born. At first, they felt that they were better than all of the other Autobots so they were about to desert the Autobots until their leader Silverbolt made them realize that the humans weren't so bad. They saved Earth from the power of The Key To Vector Sigma and with Omega Supreme's help, they defeated Menasor by combining into Superion. Superion is the combination of all five Aerialbots. His conciousness is not a mixture of all five Aerialbots, it is a sixth personality. He is over eight stories tall and is able to fly. He is strong enough to smash an aircraft carrier. What he has in superior strength, he lacks in intellect. He is not as stupid as one of the Dinobots, but he is not the brightest Autobot out there. He is armed with a powerful laser pistol.