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History of the Decepticon Empire

  • Great War 3: (lasted for 1 year and two months)

    The Decepticon Empire was formed with Apocalypse taking full command and his spark brother Warlock in 2nd command. Apocalypse split into two armies.... Apocalypse Army and Warlock Army. They declared war on all forces that got in there way of conquering Cybertron. Allied with nobody ... the Decepticon Empire defeated the Cybertronian Alliance, Dark Moon Posse, Lord Megatron Dominion, Cerebral, LEGION and Lord Starscream and his so-called Decepticons. For more information ... click on each of the factions in the Deceased section.

  • Trans War: (lasted for 6 months)

    In the city of Iacon.... A group of young locals rebelled against the Vehicons. They would call themselves Street Beast. They would lose every battle against the Decepticon Empire and quickly be put down for good.

  • Decepticon Empire Civil War I: (lasted for 1-2 months)

    After the departure of Apocalypse....King Warlock quickly took full control of the Decepticon Empire. Rumors spread that Warlock had killed Apocalypse and troops loyal to Apocalypse rebelled against Warlock. However, King Warlock, The Destron Squad, Wu-Driods and the Demonicons quickly ended the rebellion. For more news on the Empire Civil War Neocons and M. A. A. for more of exact description of the Civil War.

  • Titan Metal War: (lasted for 3 years)

    Remaining Survivors from LEGION and Street Beast would come together to form the Maximal, Autobot Alliance (M. A. A.). Launching there attacks from Earth into Cybertron and other Planets. After the Death of Optimus Pyro (leader of M. A. A.) the War looked like it was heading to an end. Xcalibur and Radimus Rattrap took over the leadership role. They allied themselves with Gundam fighters..... making M. A. A. almost equally the size of the Empire. The War lasted for years but the M. A. A. could never truly get a leader who could face against King Warlock. At the end with no Leader the M. A. A. was defeated by the Decepticon Empire. (The best war we have ever took part in). For more information just click on the M.A.A. in the Deceased Section.

  • Decepticon Empire Civil War II: (lasted for 8 months)

    With no Autobots or Maximal armies to fight over.....the Decepticons quickly turn on each other. At this point there was less then 50 members left in the Empire. Obikron, Evangelion and Lady Temptress formed the Elite Decepticon Revolution. Prime-X and Waspy formed the Xkonz. Soonafter... the Maximal Force jumped into the War and allied themselves with the Xkonz and the Elite Decepticon Revolution. All three factions defeated King Warlock and troops loyal to him....ending King Warlock reign at power. The long great run by the Empire has come to an End. For more information click on Xkonz, E.D.R. and The Maximal Force at the Deceased section.

  • Aftermath:

    Even though the Empire won the Titan Metal Wars.......The War took a lot out of the Empire. The Decepticon Empire went from over 200 members strong to less then 50 members. There were no new blood Decepticons joining.... Troops loyal to King Warlock like Algonis, Terrorbear, Throttlecons and many others had already died. Which open the door by Obikron to rebel ... which he successfully achieved. However, Obikron could never organize the Empire ... which lead to our end. Cybertronians for the first time in a long time have nothing but peace.........But now Apocalypse has return ... let the mayhem begin.

  • Operation "Welcome home" (one night)

    The return of the Decepticon Empire and they only had one thing on there minds..... revenge. Attacking Trypticon City and driving out the Elite Decepticon Revolution out of Power. The Decepticon Empire is back on Cybertron...planning out there next move at there very own capitol of Trypticon City.

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