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Function:Decepticon General

  • Motto: Why do I carrie this Autobot sign, What are you guys laughing about?
  • Strength: 7
  • Intelligence: 9.6
  • Endurance: 8
  • Speed: 9.3
  • Courage: 8.4
  • Firepower: 10
  • Skills: 9
  • Rank: 7

    Transforms into a Jet. Max speed-250 m.p.h. range- 600 miles (more during daylight). Has solar panels on his chest for energy conservation. Carries twin photon rocket launchers. Yes, indeed that is the Orginal Scattershot. After the Great War III he was badly injured in the last battle that cost Cybertronian alliance to lose to the Deception Empire. Reprogrammed and now a Decepticon and dangerous to the Autobots/Maximals. During the Decepticon Civil War II....Scattershot joined Prime-X and became a Xkonz. Now representing the Autobots once again. Scattershot served as Prime-X Sub Commander. Scattershot got gunned down by Hawksaw and the Brick as Apocalypse made his return to Cybertron.

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