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FUNCTION: Conquerer

  • MOTTO: "We are Decepticons. There is nothing we cannot face, nothing we cannot fight, nothing we cannot crush!"
  • Strength 9
  • Intelligence 7
  • Speed 3
  • Endurance 8
  • Rank 7
  • Courage 8
  • Firepower 9
  • Skill 7

    Jhiaxus is a large, almost ponderous Transformer who exudes an air of ominous power and brooding majesty. Transforms into Stratobomber jet mode is shaped vaguely like a giant predatory fish. Jhiaxus is in every sense of the word a Decepticon Warlord -commanding, imperious, ruthless. He lives by a strict honor code and standards of success and skill that everyone around him, enemy or ally, must live up to, or face the fatal consequences. He has his dark side, the impassive savoring of slow torture, the sadistic pleasure that comes from seeing a prisoner artfully executed. But somewhere deep within him, buried under layers of grim survival and unspeakable burdens, he retains the driving vision of his youth - to seize the future and make it a better one for his species. Somewhere within him still is the memory that each of his underlings is a functioning Decepticon, and their lives are not to be risked casually. Jhiaxus is the last of his kind a Generation 2 Decepticon.