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FUNCTION: Sub Commander

The oldest member of the Orginal 9. Psychotron transforms into an Dilophosaurus. As a Dilophosaurus, he can shoot out an venomous acid out of his mouth and into his victim optics....blinding them seriously. The name Psychotron was given because it just happens that his truly the most Psycho Decepticon! Unlike most of the Generation 3 Decepticons.....Psychotron came to life before the Cybertronian-Quintesson War. Begun his career as an Outlaw Warlord Predacon.... who was quickly arrested and put in Detention Stasis lock. When the Quintesson's attacked Cybertron....Psychotron been released to fight in the War. The hatred for the Cybertronians who put him in Stasis lock stayed with him.....Psychotron deserted the army and went back into his Warlord ways. After the Cybertronian-Quintessons left a vacant of power in some cities and Warlords like Psychotron took advantage. Warlords begun to fight each other ...the Adventura Gang Wars was on its way. Lord Megatron and his Dominion Organization destroyed all of Psychotron crew....with no options Psychotron joined the Original 9 as the 9th and final member of the crew. When Apocalypse brought back the Decepticons....Psychotron joined and help build the Empire. The Arrest of Warlock during the Great War III pushed the Decepticon Empire to recruit new members....Psychotron branched off the Empire and created the 1st Generation 3 subgroup known as the Sycho Platoon. Recruiting members in urban areas of Cybertron. Wasp, Blade, Megatron 50, Deathtorch, Ansega, Messiah, Sidecutter and Psychohawk helped the Decepticon Empire greatly in defeating the CA and Dominion. When Apocalypse disappeared......the 1st Elections in Decepticon History took place. Apocalypse Sub-Commander (Psychotron) and Apocalypse Head of Security (Chargertron) faced off in the Elections for the leadership of the Empire. In a landslide.....Psychotron defeated Chargertron. Psychotron became the 2nd known Supreme Leader of the Decepticon Empire. However, it didn't last too long. Fellow Original 9 member.... Warlock who was still leading his own Army.... wanted full control of the Empire....blew up Psychotron shuttle killing him instantly. Since Unicron promised the winner of the elections a new body....he kept his promise by giving Psychotron a new body... which of course brought Psychotron back to life. But no longer as Psychotron...instead going as Sychoscream. (To read more details click on Sychoscream in the Sycho Platoon over at the Deceased sections.)

  • Psychotron in his beast mode.

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