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King Warlock


After killing Optimus Pyro, Warlock gain the Matrix and became the 2nd Decepticon ever ( Scourge ) to open the Matrix. He became a Super power Decepticon known as King Warlock. The most powerful Transformer next to only Unicron and Primus. A demi-god with powers that truly made King Warlock unbeatable. Transformed into a Dragon, Battlearmor Vehicle and a Battleship Cruiser. Unlike Apocalypse...Under King Warlock leadership....he took more of a 100 percent control of the Empire...taking away power from the Commanders. This lead to the first coup in Generation 3 history. The Civil War would split the Empire into different factions but King Warlock would prevail to win the Civil War. He united both Apocalypse army and Warlock army into 1 and Won the Titan Metal War. He would also create sub groups like the Destron Squad. After the War... King Warlock downfall would be cause by his own Commanders. King Warlock number 2 Obikron made the move to oust King Warlock. Troops loyal to King Warlock and troops loyal to Obikron started the 2nd Civil War. However, the Empire Civil War II took a worst for King Warlock....when Prime X led the Xkons (a group of Ex Decepticons... who were Autobots) into the War and allied themselves with Obikron troops (E.D.R). The Maximals and Autobots known as the Maximal Force also decided to oust King Warlock. At last not even King Warlock could stop the emerging numbers that were against him. King Warlock was destroyed by Obikron, Xcalibur and Prime X. His matrix removed and at last King Warlock is dead.... or is he?

King Warlock in his Dragon form, battlearmor vehicle and starship shuttle cruiser.

  • King Warlock enjoys his coronation at Trypticon City

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