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FUNCTION: Supreme Leader

After an ambush that put Warlock in prison... Apocalypse turn to Unicron for help. A triple changer, Apocalypse transformed into a Raven Jet and an Cybertrionan Stealth Gun Cannon. Apocalypse was given a new return that he would do the same for Unicron. Under Apocalypse leadership.....the Empire grew to 200 members strong and controlling all of Cybertron. The Titan Metal War was underway but Apocalypse did not see the M.A.A. as a threat and left Cybertron to retire. The Glory of the Decepticon Empire is credited to Apocalypse reign as the Leader. Under his leadership he captured Cybertron while Warlock was in prison and defeated the C.A., The Dominion and LEGION. Apocalypse was a great recruiter and the reason for the growth of the Empire was under his term. When Warlock was broken out of Jail..Apocalypse split the Empire into two armies making sure that his Brother had a big role in the Empire (Warlock missed the Majority of the CA-Decepticon War...(The same Apocalypse can be seen in the front cover of the Deseased section page.)

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