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FUNCTION: Universal Dominator aka God

  • Strength: 10+
  • Intelligence: 10+
  • Endurance: 10+
  • Speed: 10+
  • Courage: 10+
  • Firepower: 10+
  • Skills: 10+
  • Rank: 10+

    Created shortly after the dawn of time, Unicron is the most massive and deadly of all the Transformers. His goal is to absorb the universe! The size of a large planet, Unicron derives sustenance from munching planets, moons, and even stars, thus making him larger and increasing both his power and his appetite. When it serves his interest, he has been known to make pacts with lesser beings, offering them stronger bodies and greater powers in exchange for their total allegiance that is the reason for his aliiegaince with Apocalypse, who hunt down anyone who escapes his wrath. The deadliest secret of all is that this rumbling juggernaut, when threatened, can transform into the goliath of robots, capable of swatting armadas to dust and tearing whole planets apart with his bare hands. During the Great War III, Warlock and his troops were captured....leaving Apocalypse in a bad situation in the War. With the help of Sidecutter.....They revived Unicron head and implanted bombs inside his Unicron would be kept in line. In return....Unicron gave Apocalypse new soldiers to command (the Demonicons) and at the same time gave Apocalypse, Sidecutter, Evangelion and Prime X new and more powerful bodies. For a short time Unicron joined the Decepticon Empire to help them win the Great War III. When Apocalypse disappeared.....the control Apocalypse had over Unicron was no more. Unicron left the Empire but before leaving revived Psychotron and made him into Sychoscream.....a move to threaten King Warlock reign. King Warlock had the matrix and Unicron despised him for it. Unicron whereabouts are unknown.

    Unicron in his transformation mode

    Unicron transforms into a Planet eating Planet.

    Unicron on the attack

    As you can see there is a huge hieght difference between Unicron and any other Transformer. Making him the biggest Transformer ever!

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