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FUNCTION: Telecommunication expert

Formally known as HiFi before being upgraded into Sonicwave. After the War HiFi like most Decepticons who fought was badly injured and was found by the Seacons and granted a new body by Apocalypse. Now with his new upgrade he has 5 cassette's with sparks. Chainsaw (Robot)who serves as the Enforcer for Sonicwave, Kame Kaze (Robot) who serves as his Ninja assassin, Razorwing (Vulture) serves as Sonicwave intelligence agent, Goldstinger (yellow Jackot) also serves as his intelligence agent, Corrupt (Dog) serves as Sonicwave Guard not only protecting Sonicwave at all cost but guarding his secret base on both Cybertron and Earth. All 5 cassette's are very loyal to there Master Sonic Wave. Sonicwave transforms into a Boom Box. He is able to read minds by monitoring electrical brain impulses and carries a Concussion blaster as a weapon. He can detect and jam radio transmissions all across any airwaves. Additionally, he has a photographic memory.

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