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Roadshot was an Autobot Scientist, whose defenses on a science vessel was thwarted by a pragram virus as the only survivor of the virus, was cured by Warlock's patrol, and feels he is indebted to his new friends, but doesn't know if all his conflict and conquerring is in his circuits, he hates war, but fights like a maddog to help his stronger friends. He's analytical, and has a natural ability around the field despite being so much a passificst. His favorite weapons are the fusion cannon, and the Lazertron Sword, which when fully charged can melt steel, or discarge a huge balst of electrical energy. hydroboosts in his suspension and nitro boosts for a hidden speed.

FUNCTION: Mechanal Scientist/ Ground Troop

Motto: your weakness is my strength Strength: 7 Intelligence: 9 Endurance: 7 Speed: 6 Courage: 5 Firepower: 6 Skill: 6 Rank: 3