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Rogue Grimlock

FUNCTION: Decepticon General

  • Motto: Are all Dinosaurs dead?
  • Strength: 10.
  • Intelligence: 4.7
  • Endurance: 8.7
  • Courage: 6.3
  • Rank: 7.5
  • Speed: 3.5
  • Firepower: 9.4
  • Skill: 5.7

    Created by Decepticon scientist Sidecutter and Robowang to be exactly like the Org. Grimlock.... except with a Generation 2 look. Rogue Grimlock strength is at the ground. In the air he feels out of place and tends to be a slow target to ground troops, but he is tough enough to take it. Transforming into the deadly T-Rex, Rogue Grimlock is powerful enough to plow down any target with a skull bash and a fast jaw clamp. Breathing a extremely hot fire he seems more dragon then Dino, and is a quick swordsman in robot form. Born on Earth.... he has little love for the creatures who live there, and usually finds himself batteling in space as a Rogue. Served under Warlock during the Great War III. When the Civil War II broke out.....ROgue Grimlock decided to become an Autobot and joined the Xkonz. Rogue Grimlock help bring an end to King Warlock Regime. Taking part in the last battle at Trypticon City. Rogue Grimlock died fighting the Demonicons. Together they took him down for good.

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