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FUNCTION: Bounty Hunter

The only thing Obikron is out for.... is himself. Spending most of his time looking in the mirror or learning new fighting techniques to use on his victims. Just like Bloodbath....Obikron is affiliated with the Original 9 gang but not an actual member. Cybertron very own Kingpin Deathlock would hire Obikron quite often. Obikron would also do jobs for the other 2 kingpins... Chargertron and Lord Megatron... for the right price of course. On an fail assassination hit....Obikron had been arrested and sent to Detention Stasis Lock. In the memory confinements of prison... Warlock saved Obikron return Obikron joined Warlock army in the Decepticon Empire. Obikron rise quickly from bounty hunter to Sub Commander in Warlock Army. (For more details.. click on Obikron in the Deceased section under E.D.R.)

Obikron in his Jet Mode

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