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In private Havoc was a Lt. in Deathlock Criminal Organization. Publicly Havoc was a Maximal Soldier who played both sides.In the underworld of Cybertron, Havoc ran his own crew in the Original 9. His crew always consist of Digga and Killah. His loyalty is with no question but he has always been Unreliable. His girlfriend is none other then Sweetthang herself. Bonnie and Claude of the Decepticon Empire. Known for there quick in and out attacks on there targets. The death of Sweetthang has brought Havoc to an insane level and that side has helped the Decepticons greatly. His penchant for stealing is surpassed only by his desire to let everyone know he did it. The other Decepticons are tolerant of his sneaky and deceptive ways only because he's an effective fighter, and because he causes the Maximals more trouble than he does his comrades. Havoc transforms into a Beaver. Havoc join King Warlock elite special forces the Destron Squad.

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