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Railroad Z

FUNCTION: Ground Assualt Commander

Transforms into a Cybertronian Train. Even in Armageddon original form.... he always had one of the strongest bodies. The biggest and tallest member of the Original 9. Created during the Cyertronian-Quintesson War and put into General Apoc Unit. Railroad Z is not afriad to put his opinions in public. In the Adventura Gang Wars he served as a bodyguard in the Original 9. Wherever Apoc went....Railroad Z was not far behind. Kept his original form thruout the Great War III Like Killah, Digga, Havoc, and Cylo-X. When the Original 9 turn into the Decepticon Empire..... Railroad Z served in Warlock Army as his Ground Commander. When King Warlock took over the Empire....Railroad Z was then transferred to the Destron Squad under a new name and new body.

  • Railroad Z in his Train Mode

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