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Before becoming the Decepticon War Machine known as Warlock.... He was one of 3 Kingpins in the underworld. Created right after the Beast Wars. His past remains a mystery. Rumors have it that Deathlock started out as an Enforcer for a Predacon Mob but this has not been confirmed or denied. During the Cybertronian-Quintessons War...Deathlock joined the Predacon Army. However, he was quickly kicked off the Cybertronian Army because of his many village slaughter's ... killing anyone with ties to the Quintessons. Because of his skills....General Magmatron kept Deathlock around by giving him his own Paramilitary Officially he wasn't part of the Predacon Army but unofficially he was helping them fight the Quintessons. Under his crew is where he recruited Havoc, Grave Digga, Killah, Psychotron and sometimes Vehicon bounty hunter Obikron. Deathlock ran the meanest Right wing Paramilitary on Cybertron during the War. The Quintessons had surprised attacked a convoy of Vehicons......The General of the Vehicons called in for immediate back up. Deathlock and his Paramilitary crew came and helped the Vehicons defeat the Quintessons. The General of the Vehicons who was in need of help was Apoc and this is where Deathlock encountered him for the first time. Around this time the Predacons and Vehicons did not get along.....However Apoc described them all as Decepticons and the word "Predacons and Vehicons" is just words that the CA created to use to split the Decepticons in half. After meeting Apoc....Deathlock read up on all the Great Wars and the origins of the Generation 1 Decepticon. He dropped his Predacon Symbol for the last time and is the first to publicly wear a Decepticon Symbol on Cybertron. At this time Chargertron and Apoc hid there Decepticon they would not show there true colors to the Autobots. After the War... Deathlock went into the Rogue land of Adventura City where he built his Underworld Organization with the backing of one of the Cybertronian Army led by General Apoc. Deathlock fought in a heated street Wars with another famous Kingpin known as Lord Megatron of Dominion. When Apoc was kicked off the Cybertronian Army....Apoc offered a new Organization with Apoc crew merging with Deathlock Organization. At first Deathlock was reluctant.....since he liked being the Kingpin and didn't know if he could trust Apoc. Then one day... 3 of Deathlock Enforcers Rigo, Niko and Willow went to a Club to do a routine pick up but they were ambushed by a group of Predacons who claimed to be Cybertronian Police....they were not the police but in fact members of Lord Megatron Dominion...Niko, Rigo and Willow were all gunned down and murdered on the spot. The day would be known as the Independence Day Massacre. A big blow to Deathlock Organization that forced him to merge with Apoc crew and form the Original 9. Deathlock transforms into a Techo-Organic Wolverine. He is an evil titan devoid of mercy. Calculating and fearsome, he is a legend among the streets of Cybertron. All Cybertrons fear his unmatched aggression. The Original 9 is a group that had become a major Criminal Syndication but also a Political Terrorist Group to the Cybertronian Government. Apoc stayed in the background ... while Deathlock had been the public figure as the leader. Both would carry there Apoc and Deathlock personalities in there next reincarnation.

  • Deathlock in his Wolverine mode on the attack

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