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FUNCTION: Rogue General

Before becoming the Decepticon War Machine known as Apocalypse.... he was a Rogue General in the Cybertronian Army with strong ties to the underworld. After the Beast Wars..... The Quintessons attacked an unstable Cybertron and quickly invaded most of Cybertron. Apoc had become one of many Transformers created during the Cybertronian-Quintesson War. Apoc quickly rised to Vehicon General.... commanding his own crew and Drones. Among his crew were InFamous, Railroad Z, Cylo-X and Cloudatron. During a battle... Apoc had been backed up by a Right Wing Paramilitary group that was led by Deathlock. From this moment on wherever General Apoc Army went.....Deathlock paramilitary weren't far behind. While Deathlock is thought by many to be a Thug.....General Apoc is the perfect soldier. A brilliant Military strategist who spends countless hours trying to figure out/plan his opponents. An expert in Warfare and also a very good sword fighter. Anytime Apoc comes into hand to hand fighting.....get ready for his double blade sword. During the War.....Chargertron showed General Apoc the archives of the Decepticon Empire. Once he knew his origin was of Generation 1 Decepticons.......Apoc spread the message among most of the Vehicons and Predacons. General Apoc had been respected by the Maximals/Autobots but not liked for his Decepticon views. After the War... Apoc using his Military connections begun to sell weapons to the underworld. Particular to Deathlock Criminal Organization. Who would then sell it to the Black Market. Once the Cybertronian Government found out of his actions...he quickly became the most wanted figure from the Cybertronian Army. Apoc and his crew that survived from the Cybertronian Army assault... went underground to Adventura City under the protection of the region Warlord Deathlock. His next move was to take over the Underworld. To control the black market Apoc needed Deathlock muscles. They would form the Original 9 and begin the Gang Wars of Adventura City. The Gang Wars were fought between three Criminal Organizations......the Original 9, Dominion and Chargertron Paramilitary. Since Dominion had the Tripredacus Council in there backpockets and secretly funded by the Governor B.W. Megatron....Dominion won the War. However, The Original 9 continue to be a thorn and eventually would get the last laugh on all during the upcoming great War III. Apoc transforms into a Fighter Screamus-13 Jet.

  • Apoc in his Jet Mode. His Vehicon Clone Jet gets blasted right beside him... during the Cybertronian-Quintesson War.

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