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Function: Ground Warrior

Offroad is a young daring young Decepticon. Built on Cybertron a few years ago by one of the Quintessons during the Cybertronian-Quintessons War. Transforms into a speedy silver bugs mobile. Offroad contains a shield that is good for 5 minutes before it has to be recharged. Primary weapon is a gatling gun and his secondary weapon is a missile launcher..... that is located in his left arm. Member of the Throttlecons. On the Siege of Iacon City to end the Great War III. The Throttlecons were sent in first to invade Iacon City. All 4 members were killed as they made there way thru the Time Square of Iacon City. Offroad barely escaped Sarge hidden roadside bombs that killed the other members. As Offroad made it thru another street......he was gunned down by a Maximal Sniper known as Excalibur.

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