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Lord InFamous

FUNCTION: Caretaker

A cocky InFamous gave himself the name Lord without anybody OK. While the Decepticons are out plotting, attacking and etc.... Lord Infamous stays back behind as the caretaker of Trypticon City. A member of the Original 9. InFamous has taken part in at least 5 Major Wars. Played a huge part in Helping King Warlock take over the Empire and oust Psychotron from power. What Soundwave is to Megatron is what InFamous is to Warlock. At first he served General Apoc but as the years went by his loyalty is more to Warlock cause. After losing Trytpicon City...A badly injured Lord Infamous still managed to bring Warlock spark to Apocalypse. Flying thru the unknowns of space before being picked up by Apocalypse Space Station "the Pyramid". InFamous died shortly after that. Gunshot wounds from Youngblood and Lightingbolt Z proved 2 much.

Lord Infamous in his Cybertronian Skyfalcon Jet form

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