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Lighting Bolt Z

FUNCTION: Air commander

Doesn't claimed to be a Demonicon but his origins indicate that. Everything's a joke to Lighting Bolt Z, and --as he says-- why shouldn't it be, when the only thing that frightens him is looking at himself in the mirror! Though he doesn't doubt Unicron saw him as part of some great and noble scheme, he does wonder what his creator was thinking of when he designed his creature mode. A bit too much high grade energon the night before, is Lighting Bolt Z opinion! But it's not bluster to hide his fear-- Lighting Bolt Z is not only a topnotch warrior, but his courage is also legendary. No, it's that Lighting Bolt Z sees life in general as a joke, and therefore sees no reason to view death any differently. "Why shouldn't combat be fun?" he's been heard to utter. "If it wasn't, I'd be loath to do it!" Though he appears on the surface to be offhand about his duties, Lighting Bolt Z is a brilliant campaign planner, with a sharp and analytical mind perfectly suited to the complexities of warfare. Has a unique ability to summon Lighting power thru out his body. These powers make Lighting Bolt Z a very powerful Decepticon. Could it be that Unicron sent Lighting Bolt Z to Cybertron to help destroy King Warlock? Transforms into an Alien type Dragon with a Lion head. Missed out on the Titan Metal War but just in time to join the Elite Decepticon Revolution. After the fall of Trypticon City, Lighting Bolt Z help E.D.R. maintain order on Trypticon City and other Decepticon territories. Since Apocalypse has returned he has appointed The Destron Squad to find and kill Lighting Bolt Z. Latest status is unknown but he is presumed alive. Apocalypse believes he may be Unicron new Herald.

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