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Created at the same time with Havoc and Digga. Doing any odd jobs for any Warlords for the right price. The trio caught the attention of Deathlock who quickly recruited them into his Criminal Organization. Serving as Deathlock main Assassin Hit man. Carrying a Automatic C-12 machine gun. A weapon which he likes to use a lot in his hits. In the Decepticon Empire....he is considered the best trigger man. Not a great hand to hand fighter but doesn't need to be since his an expert in weapons. Transforms into an Black Panther. Specializes in performing surprise attacks from the deep shadows. Up till he has preyed upon countless robots. Killah is best known for taking part in two operations. Being part of one of the assault teams that ransacked Adventura City taking down Lrd Megatron Dominion army during the "true cons" operation. Also being part of an failed assassination attempt on Screamer life. During the Great War III....Warlock army had moved into the frontlines and Chargertron refused to send Gas fuels to Warlock Army.....unless he paid Chargertron new taxes. Angered by the move.....Warlock sent Killah to kill a move to send a message to Chargertron. Screamer was able to catch the attempt on her life in time and a battle took place between Screamer and Killah... which ended in a draw. A sit-down took place between Chargertron and Warlock and there problems were solved. Killah is also an original member of the Destron Squad. (For more details click on Killah profile in the deceased section.)

  • Killah in his beast mode.

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