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FUNCTION: Guardian of Cybertron

InFamous started off... being part of the Vehicon Army during the Cybertronian-Quintesson War. Here is where he first met Cylo-X and Apoc. When Apoc became a General....InFamous was put into his unit. After the War....InFamous served as the convoy link between Deathlock Crime Organization and Apoc Cybertron Army Unit. InFamous would oversee the Arm's weapons shipments from Apoc to Deathlock....who would then sell them in the black market. Once there scam was up.... everybody in Apoc unit became wanted by the Cybertronian Police. Like the others...InFamous went into hiding. Because of his past ties....InFamous went to Adventura City and joined Deathlock Criminal Organization... which would eventually become the Original 9. When the Decepticons made there return....InFamous joined the Empire. As a sonic soldier who glides freely through the skies. In character, he is very much the sharp straight man of a comedy duo, spouting forth veritable storms of malicious insults. Transforms into a Fighter Jet. In King Warlock reign....InFamous became the Guardian of Cybertron. Whenever, King Warlock was away from Cybertron....InFamous would be in command of Cybertron. As the Guardian of Cybertron he would control the Wu-Droids and the Secret Police. InFamous was badly injured during the fall of Trypticon City. (for more details click on Lord InFamous in the Generation 3 Decepticons.)

Lord Infamous in his Cybertronian Jet 3-12 form

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