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Function: Super Warrior

  • Motto: "Devastator is coming to devastate yo' ass"
  • Strength 10+
  • Intelligence 7.3
  • speed 5
  • Endurance 9
  • Rank 6
  • Courage 10
  • Firepower 8
  • Skill 5

    Devastator, the integration of 6 individual Constructicons, is unmistakable and unforgetable. When combined, Devastator thunderous rumble can be heard echoing in the Autobots heads, as destruction becomes eminent, and resistance becomes a futile,lost cause. The Autobots who do escape Devastator's monstrous grip, fear returning to battle with the memory of humiliating loss. This fear grows faster with each passing day and night, and loss is just moments away. The only peace the Maximal/Autobots have is in sleep, and even in dreams repeating in their heads, is the rumbling of the ground, and the repeating godlike phrase "Devastator is coming to devastate yo' ass". Devastator was just recently added on with the other Blentrons.

    The Constructicons

    Photo PIC of the Constructicons

    In CGI