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*~*Could You Be *NSync's Dream Girl?*~*

We cant blame you if your heart starts fluttering when you see pictures of Lance Bass, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and Justin Timberlake of N'SYNC, the cutie-pies who croon the catchy hits "I Want You Back" and "Tearin Up My Heart" off their 1998 self-titled debute album. Not only are they super-talented, they're also totally adorable! Thus it's no surprise to discover that lots of Boppers have been secretly daydreaming about dating these Orlando, Florida-based bandmates. So what would it take to win their hearts? Could you be the type of girl that they've privately dreamed of meeting someday, too? When N'SYNC dropped by BOP HQ, we decided to get some answers for you. And as we discovered, these five guys have sime pretty definite opinions on what kinds of girls take their breath away! Take JC, for instance. This 22-year-old babe tells us that he's turned on by confidence. "I love it when a girl carries herself well and she's proud of who she is and what she does," he shares. "You can see that [confidence] all the way across the room, because believe it or not, it's pretty rare." However, while JC is drawn to girls who are happy with themselves, he isn't into girls who let that self-confidence go to their heads and start acting stuck-up. "There's a fine line between conceit and confidence," he points out. Aside from a strong sense of self-esteem, the characteristics JC admires most in a girl are the same ones he values in his buds. "I look for the same things I look for in a friend, really," he shrugs. "First of all, honesty. Second of all, somebody who can make me laugh, 'cause I'm a pretty serious person, and patience, because this gig has us traveling to 100 different places." Sounds like JC's dream girl will also have to be okay with lots of long distance phone calls, too! Like JC, Joey is on the lookout for a girl who shares lots of personality traits with his friends. "I like someone who can indicate her mind, who can take a joke and hang out like a friend because, I mean, you want to have that type of relationship," explains the 21-year-old dreamy dude. "You want to have someone whom you can be friends with as well as boyfriend and girlfriend." That's why, as far as Joey is concerned, a girl's personality is much more important than her appearance. "She doesn't have to be the most gorgeous person in the world as long as she has a great personality," he asserts. But don't think that means that Joey doesn't care about a girl's looks. he admits that he's not into girls who can't be bothered to comb their hair and dress nicely. "I'm not really picky or anything, but she has to maintain herself," Joey says. In other words, a sloppy, rumpled look definitely won't work magic on this guy's heart. It won't work on 19-year-old Lance's heart, either. "I like a natural-looking girl, but, I mean, somebody who likes to keep herself up," he tells us. "I like somebody who respects herself [enough] to want to make herself look as goos as she can." However, Lance adds, although he's attracted to a girl who cares about her appearence, he isn't interested in the type of vain, mirror-loving girl "who knows she looks really good," he says. Girls who are loud, crude or wild also won't get anywhere with Lance. "I like innocent girls," shares this shy guy. As he's told BOP before, his idea of perfection is Tirrani Smith, the sweet, naive girl played by Kelly Packard on the former Saturday morning NBC-TV series California Dreams. "She is my ideal because she's so innocent and so goody-goody," Lance reveals. "She's, like, perfect." Yet don't worry that Lance is so ga-ga over this TV character that he's not interested in real-life girls! "I just like all kinds of girls, you know?" he says with a quick smile. "Just as long as they have a sweet attitude." Sweet and innocent is just the type of girl that Justin falls for, too. "For me, it's innocence, you know?" says the 17-year-old singer. "I look for honesty and sensitivity, someone with a sense of humor. And I like independence. It's like she's her own woman, her own person. She's a girl who speaks her mind and takes charge of situations." In addition to take-charge chicas like this, Justin is also attracted to girls who share his enthusiasm for sports. "If she's athletic, she's usually got me," he grins. And those of you who love to play his fav sport have an even better shot at finding a spot in this hoopster's heart! "I really dig girls who are into basketball," says Justin. Romantic-natured girls who are into moonlit walks on the beach and elegant dinners take his breath away, too. That's because Justin is a lovey-dovey guy who enjoys sharing heart-melting moments with a girl. "What can I say, I'm a hopeless romantic," he confesses. "When I get wrapped up in a girl, I become so softhearted." And what about Chris? Well, this 26-year-old hunk admits that physical attraction is pretty important to him. "Of course, everyone looks for looks," he says. "You know, you always want to have somebody that you think looks decent." But don't think that that means Chris only goes for girls with beautiful faces. He makes it clear that he isn't looking for a girl with model-perfect looks. Instead, he is simply searching for someone whom he finds attractive--someone a whole lot like silver-screen queen Audrey Hepburn. "I love her." Chris gushes. That doesn't mean Chris is only into brunettes with slender, waif-like figures who resemble Audrey. What Chris digs about the late star of 1953's Roman Holiday and 1961's Breakfast At Tiffany's is her personality more than her appearance. "I'm really a personality person," he shares. "Audrey Hepburn, it's a certain look, but it's more in the personality and the chemistry than the look." What appeals to Chris about Audrey's personality is that she "carries herself very sophisticated but isn't afraid to have fun," he says. "I like a girl who's not afraid to put her boots on and run through the mud. She'd do it because she wants to do it and she wouldn't care if everybody else is saying, 'Oh, she'd look stupid if she ran through the mud.' She'd just do it, you know?" And now, you know what it takes to win a special place in N'SYNC's hearts!

* This was all taken from the November 1998 issue of BOP