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Everdown originally started in 1992 in Manchester N.H. as Dry Bones with three members. Chris Wible on drums, Erik Bureau on vocals and Nate Shumaker on guitar. We practiced in a garage(typical) for months before we found a niche to start locking into as far as our writing style and type of band we wanted to be. Due to the influences and the scene we were quickly labeled a hardcore band. Our big influences were Sam Black Church, Only Living Witness, Stomp Box, The Crucified, Living Sacrifice, Metallica, Sick of it All and many others. After we started to get a few songs down we wanted to do a demo. Since at this point we had not found a bass player we asked a friend to fill in for the studio, Chris Allain good friend and a great bass player. We then booked time and began recording at Star Trax Studio in Manchester. After recording the tape we had it packaged professionally and began selling it and passing it around to create a buzz and get good shows. Before long we filled the bass position with Bryan Young, who had just left his previous band to play heavier music. After playing local shows and sending out the demo for reviews and record interests we were contacted by A.R.T Records from Florida.

We had talked with them for a couple of weeks and decided to sign with them. They would re- press our demo for distribution on cassette and a few months later on vinyl(7"s) with a different cover and layout. By this time we had played many cool shows and stirred up a dedicated following. After some consideration and thought we decided to change the name of the band to crawlspace. It sounded cool and people liked it, we prepared to write new material for our next recording. We had made alot of cool musical friends along the way, so it was easy to add our second guitar playerRob Wolfe. He was originally in Sacrament from P.A. They were on R.E.X Records for a while. During this period our singer Erik took a break musically from the band so we recorded with Rob doing vocals, seeing since he was the singer for Sacrament. Well much to our surprise after a few months Rob didn't work out at all so he left the band and we didn't release the second tape. We continued on with the band having Nate fill in on vocals for a few shows. Shortly after Erik rejoined the band so we went back into the studio and re-did the vocals. Let me mention there is about 4 existing copies our second recording with Rob on vocals.

After the release of our second tape we were noticed by the ever so humble Tooth and Nail Records. They decided to put one of our songs on a hardcore compilation entitled Helpless Among Friends. During this time alot of changes occurred, our bass player left the band and we brought on a long time friend Mark"rug"Fields to cover bass. We had also had stirred up enough interest from the label that they signed us to there roster. Mark only lasted a few months so we wound up having Chris Allain fill in again. We had also found another band on the west coast and a band down south, hence fourth bringing on another name change- spawning EVERDOWN..

Everdown headed out to record there first full length album at Trauma Studios in Colebrook, P.A with the Kurt and Joey from the band Believer as the the producers and engineers. What an awesome time that was. After the release of our first album "sicken". We also decided to add a second guitar player John Helmig. At this point we signed with Davdon Artist Agency and we started doing big metal shows, and we actually made $$. Bryan came back shortly on bass but was then replaced by a college friend of Nate's, Ryan Leach. After many shows and many months of writing we went into West Sound Studios in Londonderry N.H. to record our second album "straining", which was released a few months later. A few weeks after the release Ryan decided to leave and pursue other interests. So once again we had to find another bass player Nate hooked us up with another college buddy to play, Zach Wells, he was the man.

After about six months things went crazy again. Erik had left the band so we had previous bass player fill in on vocals Mark Fields. Then Nate and Zach decided to pursue other interests, shortly after Mark went back to his band leaving John and Chris to take a break and figure out what to do next? After some time and thought we kept going. We got Bryan, previous bass player to fill in on vocals and a long time friend of theirs to fill in on bass, John Becht. After a few months of writing and playing we added another guitar player that I had met at an Everdown show a few months before, Dave Ball ,who was also playing in Big John Studd. After a few months we went into Ten Tuns of Tones in Salem, N.H. to record what would be the third Everdown album, well due to unfortunate nature the album was never released and the songs still sit unfinished Everdown was finally done. maybe someday those songs will be finished and released.


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