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The little mermaid is a wonderful tale, of friendship, love, and good against evil. Its about a beautiful girl who always wants to be up where all the humans are, not trapped in a world where she feels alone. Her father, the mighty king Triton forbids her from exploring the wonderful world up above her, but she aways disobeys him. One day she met a handsome prince and fell in love with him, there was suddenly a horrible storm and Eric almost died Ariel saves him and brings him back safe on the shore. Ariels father soon finds about her kept secrets and goes to her cavern and destroys all her wonderful things. Ariel then desides to pay a visit to Ursula the horrible mean sea whitch she gives her an offer to turn her into a human for three days, and if the prince kisses her she'll remain human permanantly, but if she doesnt she turns back into a mermaid, and she belongs to her....

The little mermaid is a magical story under the sea, with enchanting charecters, heart warming songs, and fun and lauphter, so dive with Ariel, Flounder, Sebastion, Eric, and all those great charecters, for an exiteing adventure into discovery!

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The Little Mermaid Characters:
Ariel is a wild teenage mermaid that always does what her father tells her not to. She sets off on amazeing journeys discovering new things with her fishy friend flounder. Carrying him around, flounder is unwillingly draged along on going. One day as Ariel was singing about her unfair life in her dark treasure trove amongst all her human things, she saw a beautiful ship...Little did she know that the love of her dreams was waiting inside. When she took a peak inside the enormous ship, she saw a handsome young man makeing beautiful tunes with his "Snarfblat" or flute, she gazed upon him with love at first site. Out of nowhere came a horrible storm, Eric fell over board and Ariel saved him, she then sang him a beautiful song saying how much she really wanted to be with him. He fell in love with her beautiful voice, as she plunged into the sea, he never saw her again, he endlessly searched for this beautiful singing maiden, but found no results. Ariel then signed a horrible contract with the greddy witch Ursula to become human for three days, but the prince had to kiss her within those days or else she belonged to her! Finally...Ariel was found by eric, he took her in to dry her up, and for her to stay there. They went on a boat ride, and where about to kiss! Ursuala was furious and decided to take matters in to her own tenticals.......


Eric is a very determiend teenager that always manages to find what he wants to. He has a fury cute dog named Max he killed Ursula the sea witch he has a very cool way of doing things he plays the flute like me he is definetly not a big talker, though he is still really cool!


Ursula is the horrible, nasty, and very greedy sea witch. She takes peoples souls for a hobby, and eats live srimp! Ariel signed a contract with her in whitch Areil has three days to make the prince fall in love with her with the kiss of true love. the wicths contract is not fair at all because she put otpsticals so it would be inpossible for Eric to kiss her within three days. This disgusting large octupous is definetly one of the meanest Disney villans.


Flounder is a cute little round guppy. He is Areils best friend and her sidekick. He is scared of anything in sight mostly mysterious adventures that Areil drags him along with. He is very sweet and always pays attention to what Ariel has to say, he is a very good friend and never tells on ariel like Sebastion. he is another one of The Little Mermaids unforgetable charecters


Sebastion is a cool calypso siniging crab. he very nice, though at times he can be a tattle tale or the king gets secrets out of him. Sebastion is very smooth like when he sang "KISS THE GIRL" and "UNDER THE SEA". He is small but has a big heart!

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