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Cut Trace on pin 14 of PLL and place 4.7K across cut.

Next, solder the anode end of a 1N4148 diode to pin 11 of PLL.

Next, solder the cathode (banded end) of a 1N4148 diode to pin 14.

Then wire the rotary switch as shown in the diagram, you'll need an ohm meter to identify the pins on the switch.

In order to do that, you will need to place the switch in position 1, do that by holding the switch with the shaft facing you and turning the shaft counter-clock wise until it stops, that's position 1.

Then put one probe of ohm meter on "A", the other probe is used to find 0 ohms, or a dead short, that pin will be your {pin 1A}. Do the same to identify A4 and A5

Do the same to the other side of switch to identify "3B".

Next, solder the remaining diodes as shown and wire them on the switch just like the diagram shows.

And finally, you will have to put the wires on the switch, I use computer "ribbon" cable, the length I use is about 8 inches.

There are only about two places you can mount the switch, one is on the cover just in front of the speaker {not recomended}. The other is a hole almost made to order located with the radio front, faceing you, it will be on the chassis toward the rear on the left near L-45 & L-46.

If you mount it there you will not have a problem running the wires.

PS this can be used for the Cobra 2000 GTL but you will have to change the PLL to a MB8719 to make it work.

Good Luck to you and any questions just E-mail me.


This picture shows the frequencies for switch position 5 above.


This picture shows the frequencies for switch position 1, 3 and 4 above.

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