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Information About CAPD

There are various sources of information about central auditory processing disorder available on the web. Below you will find links to various sites that include a wide range of information. Many the of articles listed below include much of the same information. Take your time to read through each of them though...for they offer links to other sites. It is my hope that somewhere here you may find the information you need to understand this disorder and to help your child.
The best of wishes to you as you continue on your quest for knowledge about CAPD.

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Web Sites about CAPD

CAPD: A Parent's Page
CAPD: What is it?
Central Auditory Processing Disorder Web Pages
Coping With CAPD
Assessing CAPD
Strategies With CAPD
Communication Disorders
LD Online
CAPD Site Index
Dolfrogs CAPD Helpful Connections
An Internet Guide to Understanding CAPD
Demystifying Assistive Listening Devices
Jillenes's Disabilityies Resource Page
CAPD: When is Evaluation Referal Indicated?
Early Warning Signs of Learning Disabilities
Center for Central Auditory Research at Colorado State University
Classroom Amplification: Not Just for the Hearing Impaired Anymore
Management of Central Auditory Processing Disorder
Modifying Classroom Acoustics for Children With CAPD
Virtual Tour of the Ear

More Helpful Links

LD In Depth: Processing Deficits
The Listen Up Web
Tartan Products/Scan A/Scan C
APD Facts

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