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Sorry I have'nt updated this page I a while... I hope to add some new cd reviews soon, so look for that! But anyway, What's up Playboy? Welcome to the Big Baller 2000 homepage, here in da Dirty South. Someplace where we ride Daytons & Vogues, and dip on Kandy paint and roll big bodies... Think of a place where Ballers ball and Players play... This is where "Baller Blockin' " ain't allowed y'all, so be carefull! Anyway, this page is new y'all, so check back everyday for updates. The Big Ballin' links are up as well as my Southern CD Review section and top 3 ballin' songs of the month at the bottom of the page, peep it dog! For more info on me, click here . Also, hit up my Baller-Book and remember to ball till ya fall...

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