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Have an Avon Raffle

I just had a chance to participate in a school fundraiser by purchasing a raffle ticket. The prizes are cash. I thought....I could do the same thing with Avon and have the prize be Avon Products!

Here is my idea...

I am going to let all my customers know that I am sponsoring an Avon Raffle with the Grand Prize being $100 in AVON, winners choice.

Here is how I will set it up:

Anyone wishing to participate will automatically get 1 entry for every 20 tickets they sale. I will have a prize for anyone who sells over 50 tickets and a prize for the most tickets sold.

Prizes will be as follows:

Grand Prize:
$100 in Avon Products, winners choice.

For every 20 tickets sold:
Seller gets their name in the drawing 1 time.

Sell 50 or more tickets:
Get $10 in FREE Avon.

Most tickets sold:
Get an additional $10 in FREE Avon.

Lets take a look at how this can increase your sales and your profit:

If you have 10 people selling 10 tickets each at $1 per ticket you would have collected $100. The prizes will cost retail...$100 grand prize PLUS $10 most tickets sold = $110. If this is the total of your PO you would be at 30% earnings level, which means that it would cost you $77.00 for the prizes. That leaves a total of $23.00 profit!

The above is at the lowest earnings you can achieve for the example. Think about if you sold twice as many tickets (200 total). The prizes would cost you at the most $120 retail(figuring that you would give away a prize for selling 50 tickets). Your sales for your PO would now be at $200, which puts you at 35% earnings level. It would cost you $78 for the prizes and I would take the left over $122 and buy product at a discount which I can turn around an sell for a 35% profit. That means you will make $122 your original earnings Plus $42.70 profit on the sales = $164.70.

If all my figures are corect in the above example an Avon Raffle would be an excellent way to not only gain new customers but to also increase your sales!

I am not in any way an expert on math...but I do like to play with numbers. So, before you undertake a contest like the above you need to sit down and do your own figuring...just to make sure my figures are not wrong.

Also, this type of contest is a "chance". If the people you have selling raffle tickets only sell $10 still have to give away $100 worth of Avon products. If you are worried about not selling enough tickets I would turn the raffle into a 50/50 raffle. Meaning that 50% of the money collected will be the amount of Avon they can choose and 50% will be used for prizes for the raffle ticket sellers.

Good Luck!!

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