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FUNCTION: Commander of Vehicons

Created on the planet Charr. Moved from the Charr Colony to Cybertron. Briefly served under Chargertron before being moved to General Apoc Unit during the Cybertronian-Quintesson Wars. Transforms into a B2-Stealth Bomber. Cylo-X true strength is in the air. Considered one of the fastest jets on Cybertron. After the War... he helped start up the Original9... A terrorist group with Generation 1 Decepticon roots. Under the Empire..... Cylo-X was in charge of Intelligence and Recruitments. A smooth talker and easily liked but with that hidden agenda is usually behind that smile. Using a network of spies to gather information on anybody considered an enemy of the Decepticon Empire. Most of the spies turn out to be females.....since Cylo-X has learn Female Decepticons are best at this trait. Cylo-X was named the first Vehicon Commander in the Empire. When King Warlock took over the Empire....Cylo-X was promoted to Destron Squad Commander.

  • Cylo-X in his Stealth Bomber jet mode

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