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Comes the morn and your words sing,
My ears hear and my heart longs,
Looking on blue skies,
That time will carry me to New Heights...

Oh, that there is so much truth I jest,
Where lovers walk in gentle fields,
Butterflies dance on flowers,
And the smell of pines does scent the air...

Where deer play and romp,
Where morning holds such beauty,
The dew covered grass wet on our feet,
The morning sun caresses us with warmth...

The smile of your lips,
The truth in your eyes,
The warmth of your heart,
Are the keepers of my soul...

Your soul brings me life,
Your arms bring me safety,
Your heart brings me love,
With you by my side,
My life is complete...

Pebbles tossed on a calm pond,
The rings go out,
Like the warmth of your heart,
They touch the shore,
Much as your love touches my soul...

The eagles fly high in the sky,
Seeking the warmth of the sun,
Our hearts feel warmth of their own...

As our bodies touch,
And wander into a different plain,
Full of ecstacy and desire,
Tomorrow is another day,
To which together we will go,
Never more, to be cold and alone...

Much does this heart,
Yearn for tomorrow,
To feel the beat of your heart,
As I hold you in my arms,
And your song fills the air...

To feel warmth of your touch,
To be one with each other,
My heart longs for all,
The tomorrows to come...

So I beg for the night,
Can this be only in my dreams,
Softly sets the sun in it's glory,
That our eyes might see and be one...

For now dreams are all we have,
Until the arrival of the next life,
For then our dreams come true,
And Forever will not be just a word...

Thank you Randy for writing with me again,
There is so much beauty in our words,
Friends we will always be...Forever and A Day...