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All the Latest News

Here's some of the latest news about Rollerjam. So far, here are the changes in the lineups. The newest California Quakes are: Bryan Krebs (Texas), Tom Smith (Florida), and Jennifer Matthews. the newest Sundogs are:Gary Lockamy (California), Sigmund Williams (Texas) and Lisa Buchold. The newest Enforcers are:Rocky Bowman, Lauren Adams, Adrienne Medrano, Courtney Barlow, and Christine Cosson. The newest Rustlers are: Brian Gamble (new york), David Gletty (Florida),and Lindsey Francis (Florida). The newest Hot Dice are:Sean Davidson, Andrea Cooper, and Danielle Pandeline.The newest WSL team, the Illinois Riot, consists of these players: Richard Brown (nevada), Faith Urban (California), Blaise Leone (New york), Ray Robles, Bill Roquevert (Texas), Patsy Delgado. That's all the news for now!! Until next time, See ya!!

If you have any news you would like to give me, Becky, please send it here.

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