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Ch.Rista Sequel Tru Blu Cowboy

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(Ch True Colors By Sirius - Ch Sequel's Genuine Article)

Cowboy is a gorgeous blue merle male with lots of attitude and showmanship in the ring. Cowboy finished his championship quickly before the age of two.

He will be OFA'd in October. He has a scissors bite with full dentition.

Cowboy will be specialed after he fully matures. We have high hopes for this youngster. He shows a lot of potential for our kennel and look forward to bringing him out as a special.

Cowboy has done very well in the show ring. He finished quickly and has been shown at the International show. As a puppy he went BOBP and took a Group 1. We took him out his next time as an adult and he took BOB, Group 1 and then BISBred by. He will be shown in October to finish up his International title.

Cowboy has a smooth flowing side gait and a rock hard topline. He is very correct in his down and back. He has a wonderful temperment and doesn't meet a stranger. He loves everybody!!! He has been a real pleasure to show!!!

Look for this youngster in a town near year soon. We will be breeding Cowboy to some of our bitches to see what he produces and then if all goes well he will be available as a stud to approved outside bitches.