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"Abuse" means any willful act that results
in any physical, mental, or sexual injury
that causes or is likely to cause the child's
physical, mental, or emotional health to
be significantly impaired. Corporal discipline
of a child by a parent or guardian for
discipline purposes does not in itself
constitute abuse when it does not result
in harm to the child (s. 415.503).

"Neglect" means a caregiver's failure
or omission to provide a child with the
care, supervision, and services
necessary to maintain the child's physical
and mental health, including but not
limited to, food, nutrition, clothing, shelter,
supervision, medicine, and medical services
that a prudent person would consider
essential for the well-being of the child or
failure to make a resonable effort to protect
a child from abuse, neglect, or exploitaition
by another person. Neglect of a child may
be based on repeated conduct or on a single
incident or omission that results in,
or could reasonably be expected to result in,
serious physical, mental injury,
or a substantial risk of death, to a child.