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Child Abuse Facts

*Going on since the beginning of time*

FACT: Every year in the United States
more than 125,000 children
suffer injuries INTENTIONALLY inflicted
by their adult caretaker

FACT: Between 2,000 - 5,000 children
die as a result of their injuries

FACT: Boys and girls are equally vulnerable

FACT: Child abuse is the leading cause
of death in children under the age of (4) four

FACT: Homicide is the only leading cause
of childhood death that has increased
in the past 30 years.
It accounts for 5% of all deaths in children,
but only 1% of deaths in adults

FACT: 1974 - 600,000 cases of child
abuse and neglect were reported
in the United States

FACT: 1994 - 3.4 million cases were reported

FACT: Language deficits and development delays
can be helpful clues in the diagnosis of child
abuse and neglect Speech language
assessment of 27 abused and/or neglected
children identified 22 (81%) with language delays.