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"Abused Child"
Welts or other skin injuries
Clothes are inappropriate for the weather
Severly abnormal eating habits
Exhibits extremes of behavior, such as:
unusually aggressive or destructive or
extremely passive and withdrawn
Cries excessively or shows no response
to pleasure or pain
Seems unduly afraid of parents
Unpleasant, hard to get along with
Is wary of physical contact
Apprehensive when approached by
another child
Habitually absent from or late for school
Begs or steals food
Engages in vandalism,
sexual misconduct,
or use of drugs or alcohol
Needs medical/dental attention
Severly retarded physical
or mental growth
Often without energy
Generally fearful of adults
Overly eager to please adults
Unexplained injuries
Explanation of injury not plausible
Explanation inconsistent
with medical diagnosis
Threats to hurt or kill the child
Child becomes truant or a runaway
Contracts a venereal disease
Becomes pregnant
Attempts or commits suicide or homicide
Depressed or withdrawn
A marked change in academic performance
Extreme mood swings

"Abusive Parent"
Seems to trust no one
Reluctant to explain child's
injuries or condition
When they do offer an explanatiion
it usually will be farfetched
or contradictory information
Responds unappropriately to the
seriousness of the child's condition
Overreats (hostile when questioned)
Under reats (no concern or awareness
of the child's needs)
Overly critical of the child
Seldom touches or looks at the child
Expects or demands behavior beyond
the child's years or abilities
Ignores the child's crying.