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Nick Carter's interview with "Teen People,"-The 21 hottest stars under 21

Nick Carter, 19 The Backstreet Boys have conquered the world in the last year, and yet, at the crux of their mind-boggling success is a guy who just wants to dribble and shoot, maybe play a video game-"just, you know,live," says Nick. When the youngest Boy is home in Tampa, "I don't care if people see me with my hair sticking out to there. It's just me." But when he's in work mode-as he is now, embarking on a tour with the guys he calls his "brothers" to support their new album, Millennium-look out, Nick's soulful voice and dead-on dance moves invokes screams that defy decibel measurement. Despite phenomenal fan appreciation and even a Best New Artist Grammy nod, he still yearns for more: "the big 'R' word." Ah, respect. "That's something every artist in the industry wants," he says fervently. "That's one goal I have." In our eyes, he's already there.

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