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The Backstreet Boy's interview in Teen-July 1999

Our take: Kevin is the most mature of the bunch, keeping the guys in line in the face of any distractions. Brian comes across serious in pictures, but he's really the class clown. A.J. is the radical risk-taker, choosing flashy clothes that highlight his tattoos. Nice guy Howie is soft spoken, yet he knew exactly how he wanted his hair to look! And angelic-looking Nick is actually the imp of the group, always off doing thing...and occasionally getting yelled at for it. For all their fame, though, the guys are polite, fun and easygoing. Dying to know more? On a recent flight, a woman seated next to the Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter and Howie Dorough asked who they were. Without missing a beat, Howie answered,"We're in a church choir group." Keeping totally straight faces, Nick and Howie told her they were formor juvenile delinquents who once saw some kids fighting on a "back street." Instead of joining the brawl, they started singing, and wouldya believe, it stopped the fight? They told her it was an omen, so now they travel the world singing as the Backstreet Boys. Hey, it's not often these guys aren't recognized, so can you blame 'em for having alittle fun? And that's just what they deserve now that the band has written, produced and delievered album number two: Millennium. Teen spent some rare downtime with A.J., Brian, Kevin, Nick and Howie and got to hear some major personal dish.

Brian's interview
Howie's interview
Nick's interview
A.J.'s interview
Kevin's interview